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10 Signs You’re a Freshman At Ole Miss

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Every freshman at Ole Miss experiences life differently in the first few months of college. You may be moving a thousand miles from home or only ten, but either way, it’s time to put on those big boy (or girl) pants and figure out how to navigate this new place. Don’t worry it does get better… eventually! Here are a few signs you’re a freshman at Ole Miss:


  1. You begin every convo with “So, where are you from?” or “What’s your major?”


  1. You think early classes are a good idea


  1. Which leads us to the next one… You think it is a thrilling experience to skip class


  1. You completely planned out your dorm room with your roommate


  1. You have probably Instagrammed a picture with a #SoCollege caption


  1. You have successfully fit half of your life into five drawers


  1. You don’t say “no” to social events


  1. You’re very confused at the hoopla surrounding chicken on a stick


  1. You’re committed to going to every Ole Miss football game


  1. You have heard about and successfully completed one, if not all of the “Freshmen Bucket List” items