20 Years of Croft

The Croft Institute for International Studies building is not one that many Ole Miss students walk into. Unless you study one of the University’s offered languages or major in International Studies, it might seem unfamiliar. But what is inside that building is an education that has for 20 years, transcended the borders of Mississippi and the United States.

Photo Courtesy: Megan Suttles

Croft is a place where students are taught to look beyond the horizons of their local community and create, research and critique solutions on a global scale. As of the year 2018, Croft hosts 215 students. In the past 20 years, the Croft Institute has sent over 500 alumni on international adventures that have led to many domestic and international careers. With graduates working in places such as Denmark, China, Swaziland and France, the Croft Institute for International Studies has contributed to a transnational exchange between the University of Mississippi and the rest of the world.

To celebrate 20 years of fostering a unique international education, the Croft Institute invited alumni to return; and together with current students and administration, recognized and honored the milestones of Croft. A building with so much history now symbolizes a continuing goal of global awareness.

“The support system Croft offers and the friendships are my favorite part,” says Megan Kyner, a senior, majoring in Italian and International Studies. “I am friends with everyone in my classes. We’re always working together and giving each other advice. During this pursuit, it’s like we’re all bonded together.”

Croft’s support system and network are both unique and strong as they only continue to grow each year. The members of faculty share their knowledge and passions and also give constant opportunities for alumni to do the same, through speaker panels and lectures.

Studying a new language and living in a foreign country can be a life-changing experience. It is the goal of the Croft Institute to use these actions to create global citizens out of its students. It wishes for its students to live rich, fulfilling lives as well as have a positive impact on the world.

Regardless of what profession alumni end up in, the hope is that, with a degree in International Studies, they will learn to look at the world differently and possess the skills needed to create positive change.