30 Small Victories Every College Student Has Experienced

If you accomplish any of these things, you’re going places! Congrats!

  1. Washing your pillowcases
  2. Remembering an umbrella
  3. Eat a vegetable
  4. Doing your homework on time
  5. Washing your shower curtain
  6. Folding your laundry
  7. Drinking water
  8. Submitting a paper before 11:59 pm
  9. Cooking something, not in the microwave
  10. Getting in line for food right before the rush hits
  11. Finding a parking spot on the first loop
  12. Going to your 8 am
  13. Waking up before 12 pm on a weekend
  14. Realizing you have leftovers
  15. Walking to the bus stop exactly as the bus arrives
  16. Putting away your dirty dishes instead of leaving them in the sink
  17. Only hitting snooze once
  18. Leaving your room on a weekend
  19. Replying to an email right away
  20.  Watching Netflix after your work and not before
  21. Keeping up with the news
  22. Cleaning your car
  23. Vacuuming
  24. Replacing a light bulb
  25. Saying you want to hang out with someone and then actually hang out with them
  26. Organizing all the Untitled documents
  27. Only drinking one coffee to get through the day
  28. Waking up the morning after a night out without a hangover
  29. Getting to take a nap
  30. A class gets canceled that you were going to skip anyway
Blake Bione
Blake Bione

Blake is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Red Bud, Illinois. Blake loves Korean dramas and pugs.

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