7 Things Every Ole Miss Student Experiences on a Rainy Day

1. Getting completely soaked by surprise rain

Mississippi weather is unpredictable and even though you checked the weather before heading to class there is always a possibility of a sudden shower

2. Attempting to dodge every umbrella and failing

Just avoid places like the circle and The Walk of Champions on rainy days or you might end up with a black eye

3. There’s at least 5 Snapchat stories of someone soaked head to toe

hood on, no umbrella, peace sign, dripping hair. We’ve all seen it.

4. Thinking the flimsy Ole Miss rain pullover is enough

If you’re an Ole Miss student you own or have seen the red or blue pullover. While this pullover is loyal, it’s not the sturdiest and will not protect you from Mississippi’s sudden hurricanes.

5. When you get on the OUT bus to go to your first class and everybody else is wearing rain jackets

It’s best to accept your doomed fate.

6. Everybody has retreated indoors

The Starbucks line has gotten longer if that’s even possible.

7. The Grove is a nightmare

Even if you remembered your rainboots you probably still have mud everywhere. RIP to the poor Rebels who decided Birkenstocks were a good idea that day.

Blake Bione
Blake Bione

Blake is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Red Bud, Illinois. Blake loves Korean dramas and pugs.

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