8 Hilarious Grove Horror Stories

The Grove at Ole Miss on gameday is a sight to see. It is the epitome of tailgating with hundreds of tents, clusters of people, delicious food, and red & blue that goes on forever. Despite the luster of the Grove, there are some not so glamorous moments. Of course, Ole Miss students do not disappoint in the story department, so here are a few hilarious and horrific Grove experiences.


The Case of Mistaken Identity

“I called out to a girl who I thought I knew. I kept calling her name. The girl turned around, and it was definitely not my friend. I awkwardly turned in the opposite direction.”


The First Gameday

“My first gameday, I got lost in the grove. There were so many tents and people that I couldn’t find my friends and the game was about to start. Not the perfect way to start my grove experience but I feel like I’m probably not the only one.”


The Fall

“In front of the Union where the gravel meets the concrete, I tripped and face planted, taking my camera down with me.Everyone around me stopped. A passing stranger chuckled and asked if I was okay. Only my ego was bruised.”


The Spirited Fan

“Someone slapped me in the face with a pompom.”


The Summer Heat

“On a really hot gameday, I had only been in the Grove for about twenty minutes when I notice that I have a huge sweat stain on my dress, not to mention that my makeup was probably melting off. It’s hard to be cute in the Mississippi heat!”


The Most Embarrassing Moment

“Don’t ask me how, but I fell into a bush on gameday. Probably the most embarrassing thing ever!”


The Time-Warp

“Once I was in the Grove for so long that I missed the start of the game! By the time I realized this, it was almost the second quarter. I guess I was having too much fun!”


The Selfie-Loving Stranger

“A random middle-aged woman stopped me in the middle of the Grove and made me take a selfie with her on my phone. To this day I have no idea who the woman was or why she wanted a selfie with me.”

Asia Harden
Asia Harden

Asia is a freshman majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications from Greenville, Mississippi. She loves cheese dip, turtles, and the color blue. Asia has a major sweet tooth and just happens to love writing stuff down.

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