8 Thoughts You Have Before Your 8 am: Ole Miss Edition

“I really should not have gone to The Square last night.”

We’ve all done this and regretted it, but we will all end up doing it again.


“Please be canceled. Please be canceled.”

It’s sad how happy we get when reading that email that says your professor has come down with the flu.


 ”My friend is totally going to judge me if I skip again.”

Taking an 8 am with a friend is a curse and blessing.


“But I haven’t washed my hair in 2 days.”

What’s another layer of dry shampoo?


“But I don’t have any clean clothes.”

You can probably get away with the shirt from yesterday because your Monday/Wednesday/Friday life doesn’t know your Tuesday/Thursday life.


“I need coffee or I’m not going to make it.”

If you leave now you can probably get to Starbucks before the rush hits.


“5 more minutes…”

You’re dressed and ready, yet you can’t seem to find the will to get on the bus and or the patience to find a parking spot.


“Well I have to use my Plus One anyway”

Getting chick fil a breakfast is your hard-earned reward!

Blake Bione
Blake Bione

Blake is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Red Bud, Illinois. Blake loves Korean dramas and pugs.

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