Marisa Morrissette

Marisa is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Oxford, Mississippi. She loves listening to podcasts. In her free time, Marisa can be found cooking, baking, and watching Food Network.

Mackenzie Ross
Design Editor

Mackenzie is a junior from Oxford, Mississippi, majoring in Print Journalism. She loves watching period dramas and painting in her spare time. When not working on the yearbook, Mackenzie can be found packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child or photographing concerts around Oxford.

Allie Jones
Multimedia Editor

Allie is a junior majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing from Benton, Mississippi. In what little free time she has, she enjoys reading, writing, and anything that has to do with Harry Potter (She’s a Hufflepuff). Allie is a grammar aficionado and an avid coffee mug collector.

Zac Herring
Sports Editor

Zac is a junior majoring in International Studies from Olive Branch, Mississippi. He loves following Ole Miss sports and allowing them to dictate his emotional well-being for better or (usually) for worse. He likes dogs more than cats and vehemently believes that pineapples have no place on pizza.

Ariel Cobbert
Photography Editor

Ariel is a senior majoring in Journalism with a minor in African American Studies. Her camera is an extension of herself—she likes to think of it as her third arm! Her dog Rough is the cutest buchón.

Lee Catherine Collins
Writing Editor

Lee Catherine is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Brandon, Mississippi. When she isn’t working, she dreams about beach vacations, takes lots of photos, and spends time with family and friends.

Katie Trott
Business Manager

Katie is a junior from Oxford, Mississippi majoring in accountancy. She likes to travel and be with family and friends. She also plays in the worship band at her church.


Natalie Seales
Copy Editor

Natalie is a senior Journalism major from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Natalie loves long drives, Abraham Lincoln, and the United States of America. Her ideal day would be spent in Washington D.C. at the Newseum and Lincoln memorial, celebrating freedom and the First Amendment.


Alexis Lee

Alexis is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major with a specialization in Public Relations from Normal, Illinois. When she is not writing, she can be found watching Gossip Girl or HGTV with her cat and drinking green tea.

Blake Bione

Blake is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Red Bud, Illinois. Blake loves Korean dramas and pugs.

Asia Harden

Asia is a freshman majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications from Greenville, Mississippi. She loves cheese dip, turtles, and the color blue. Asia has a major sweet tooth and just happens to love writing stuff down.