Cady Herring

Cady Herring is a senior International Studies and Journalism major from Memphis, Tenn. You can usually find her listening to Viva Latino or taking photos on campus or in Africa. She’s studied abroad in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uruguay and hopes to work internationally after graduation. She’s currently researching the relationship between media and migration for her thesis and loves tacos.

Elizabeth Ervin
Managing Editor

Elizabeth Ervin is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Washington, DC. She is an aspiring golden retriever breeder and chocolate critique. When she’s not in Bishop 201, she enjoys people-watching and eating cheese quesadillas.

William Wildman
Writing Editor

William Wildman is a senior International Studies and French major from Laurel, Miss. He enjoys the National Parks Service, tex-mex, and John Keats. He just returned from a semester in Paris, where he began his research for his senior thesis on refugee resources within the European Migrant Crisis. If it were up to him, he would still be in Paris.

Morgan Oberhausen
Design Editor

Morgan Oberhausen is a senior Studio Art major from Clinton, Mississippi. She is an aspiring graphic designer with a big heart for modern typefaces and creative design. Morgan is a fan of letter-pressed greeting cards, iced coffees and American Horror Story.

Mason King
Photography Editor

Mason King is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Madison, Miss. He is a member of the Center for Manufacturing Excellence and the Honors College. He loves playing ultimate frisbee and is a member and leader on the ole miss ultimate team. He is an active member of the BSU and First Baptist Church of Oxford. He loves to backpack and hike and do anything outdoors. He has been an avid photography hobbyist nearly 5 years and enjoys landscape and astrophotography the most.

Madeline Tackeberry
Business Editor

Madeline Tackeberry is a senior banking and finance major from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is an aspiring power girl who hopes to shatter the glass ceiling and dominate the business world with her “gladiator in a suit” mentality. She is stirred by deep conversations, handwritten letters, all things that are intentional in this world.


Avery Gore
Multimedia Editor

Avery Gore is a senior broadcast journalism major from Dallas, Texas. She enjoys making and editing videos. She was on Barney as a kid, which paid for her education, and she has to watch at least 2 hours of tv/movies everyday to function.

Royce Swayze
Copy Editor

Royce Swayze is a senior and history aficionado. When he’s not working for the yearbook, you can catch him playing tennis, planting magnolia trees, hanging out in the archives and practicing magic.