For the online component of The Ole Miss yearbook, we aim to create a space that is a more everyday-accessible, interactive extension of the annual book. We hope the site can reflect the voice of students in an honest, authentic way – whether that be in a serious piece, satirical article or a creative story. We welcome submissions from students on a wide variety of topics, so long as it is reflective of our mission: The Ole Miss strives to successfully portray the culture and experience of the University of Mississippi as one for modern Mississippians. Not for who we were, where we’re from, or where we’re going, but for where we are–right now.

Submission inquiries or requests for story topics may be sent to

Prior to submitting, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Students are encouraged to write about what they want  ­– we want this space to be reflective of the Ole Miss experience. Every story that we publish will follow under one of our 4 categories: Athletics, Campus, Culture or People. These categories reflect the organization of the printed yearbook. Please feel free to be creative with your submissions!!
  • We’re open to all sorts of multi-media content. Traditional stories, editorials, photo essays, quizzes, video content, etc.
  • Just sending a story does not guarantee it will be published. The yearbook staff maintains editorial jurisdiction of our website. If we do not think it represents the student body, we may not publish it.
  • The earlier you contact us to pitch/submit your story, the higher the likelihood that we can publish it.
  • All stories must be submitted in a form that is publishable, i.e. free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc. PROOFREAD, Y’ALL. It’s good for you.
  • Include your full name and preferred social media handles so we can give you credit and improve your social media capital.

If you keep these things in mind and send us a cool story, odds are in your favor to be published. We look forward to working with you!