How’s YOUR College Dating Life?

Dating during your college years has always been plagued with complication, but at its core it is just two people who are mutually exclusive to one another. Why has this become so confusing? Relationships that once started with a simple “check yes or no” have become a “swipe left or right.” With the ever-changing concept of dating, it is hard to keep up. Which category are you in? Which category do you want to be in?

The Singles

There are many perks of being single in college. From free drinks to free-dom, a lot of college students take this route. Alongside social benefits, there are also academic rewards. Being single allows you the time to focus on your studies and career goals. Nina Harper, on of Ole Miss’ most eligible bachelorettes, agrees with this statement saying, “I don’t want to base my life decisions off of someone else.” We feel that, Nina!

The Hopefuls

When it comes to college relationships, many people want “the best of both worlds.” Most want to start out college single but ultimately find someone. I like to call these people “the hopefuls.” The majority of college students fall into this category, including sophomore Sally Rychlak. Sally thinks dating in college is looked down upon in the first two years because everyone wants “to have fun” and “meet new people,” but by junior year students begin shifting their views on dating. “By junior year, students begin to settle down and keep an eye out for a potential husband or wife.” We often complain about not being able to find a good match, but “the hopefuls” aren’t finished looking just yet.

The Taken

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the people in relationships are the prized, the envied, “the taken.” Although dating in college may be hard, the taken are living proof that it is not impossible. Callie Sylvester, who is about to hit the two year mark of dating her college boyfriend, says she loves being in a relationship. “Its nice because I don’t have to worry about getting dates…or diseases.”

Whether you’re single, looking for a relationship, or in a relationship, college is hard. Regardless of if you find your soulmate or not, college is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Remember some of the worst dates make for the best stories. Have fun, and good luck out there.