Fashion Apps you need right now!

The fashion world is now more connected and digital than ever with releases of new apps daily. You can now turn your outfits into illustrations with Chic Sketch, find an outfit that will match your lunch or lipstick color with Rent the Runway and download a virtual try-on system that allows you to see yourself “wearing” clothing on screen (just like Clueless) with an app called Swivel.

Here are the top fashion apps that every fashion guru should have on their iPhone home screen (for men and women!) Look out for an Oxford original.

1) Polyvore
Attention all future stylists, this app is going to change your life. Polyvore allows you to pull different clothing items from numerous retail stores and create outfit sets just as a true stylist would. The search feature allows you to sort by brand, color and price making it a total breeze to find exactly what you’re looking for. It also has a super engaged community so expect a lot of “hearts” and “thumbs up.”

Polyvore Fashion App

2) JackThreads (calling all men)
JackThreads for Men is a curated selection of the best brands and exclusive sales. It is the #1 shopping app for men who shop smart, but also seek quality. Everyday JT releases a new selection of gear and apparel that is on trend & affordable. Their styles vary from collaborating with huge brands to up-and-coming designers.
“JackTreads for Men is the best men’s fashion app hands down,” Rob Cornelius a 32-year-old Social Marketing Consultant in Oxford, MS said. “I get all my shoes, half my pants and shirts from them.”

A guy looking for more ways to shop online? Here are some more A+ apps that you need to download to give your closet that extra sense of “fresh:” Guilt, Birchbox Man, Geek, Wish, and Uncrate.


3) Poshmark
Ladies, are you tired of going to places like Plato’s Closet and getting next to nothing for your used name brand clothes? Poshmark is your new go-to. On this app you can shop over 5,000 brands at up to 70% off retail. Poshmark is the number one online consignment solution for a woman to sell her unwanted clothing in order to buy new things she’s desiring! Make an account and start posting your unwanted clothes in exchange for money.

Poshmark Fashion App Poshmark Fashion App

4) Nimble
Ole Miss student, Sara Kiparizoska created the perfect app for renting dresses on campus. Talk about never having to find a formal dress again! Nimble is local to Oxford girls, simply upload a pic of you in a dress and then let people know it is available for rent. Or are you looking to rent a dress? Request the dress you want to borrow and keep it for 5 business days and then the owner will pick it up from you.
“With our app you never have to wear the same dress twice and you can stay on a college budget,” Nimble CEO Kiparizoska said. “It’s your local rent the runway, but without the wait.”

Nimble Style App

5) Pose
Pose will give you not only fashion advice but also directs your outfit depending on the weather. This unique app will show your outfit inspo based on the daily forecast! It has a great community base where you can post a picture of what you are wearing to give others style ideas. Share your outfit or get inspired by others.

6) Keep
If you are a fanatic shopper, you will adore Keep. Most shoppers discover a product/item they love but they are not ready to commit: here’s where Keep sweeps in. It stores the products you love without erasing your shopping cart. When you “keep” a product, they send you a price alert when the product goes on sale. And what is better than a sale?

Keep Fashion App Keep Fashion App

7) Stylebook Closet App
If you love being organized, then this app is for you. It allows you to plan out your outfits on a day-to-day basis, which in turn will also give you more time to sleep in the morning! You take your OWN photos of your OWN clothes, shoes and accessories and then collage them to create different outfits. Voilà! You are set for the week!

Stylebook Fashion App Stylebook Fashion App



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