FriendsGiving: Thanksgiving Day as told by Friends

As Thanksgiving Break approaches, some of you may be going home, some of your family may be coming to you; either way we can all appreciate the craziness that is Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Who better to tell us how it goes than the cast of Friends! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Walking into the house on Thanksgiving like…

Joey saying "wheres that turkey"

“I came for the food.”

When your favorite cousins walk in…

ross, phoebe, and rachel jumping up and down


“How’s college going?? Have you lost weight? You look so good!”

monica saying "youre so sweet to notice! yes, ive lost 3.5 pounds."

“I actually gained 15 pounds, but they don’t need to know that.”

When someone starts talking about politics…

no, no, no

“So how about those Astros am I right?”

“Are you dating anyone?”

monica: "do you want me to cry?"

“I’m just really trying to focus on school right now.”

The fight over the last Hawaiian roll…

cast of friends fighting over a football

“Mine mine mine mine”

That one aunt that always brings that one dish they saw on Facebook…

phoebe spitting out food

*Everyone looks around* “What is that..?”

When you sneak off to call your friends from college…

monica on the phone

“I know its only been three days bu—yes I’m being nice— but anyway I miss you.”

That one relative that’s “on a diet”…

ross: "hows that vegetarian pizza workin out for you, huh?"

“Are you sure you don’t want any of this tofu turkey?” Yes, I’m positive.

When you’ve already eaten too much and they bring out the pie…

fat joey

“I really shouldn’t… Oh there’s chocolate pie you said? Well why didn’t you say that earlier!?”

When it’s finally time to leave…

santa clause

“See you at Christmas!”

Allie Jones
Allie Jones

Allie is a junior majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing from Benton, Mississippi. In what little free time she has, she enjoys reading, writing, and anything that has to do with Harry Potter (She’s a Hufflepuff). Allie is a grammar aficionado and an avid coffee mug collector.

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