Distribution FAQs

How do I pick up my yearbooks?

The Ole Miss 2021 yearbooks are available at the Student Media Center, 201 Bishop Hall. The office is open 8-5, M-F, all year, including summers. We also have yearbooks from previous years available for pickup.
Our office phone number is 662-915-5503.

What do I need to bring?
Your student ID

Is it free?
Yes, to students who were enrolled for both semesters

What if I wasn’t enrolled for both semesters?
Faculty members, law school students, and non-students pay $50. Students who were only enrolled for one semester pay $25

How do I pay?
You can pay by cash, check or credit card.

I’m not in Oxford. Do you mail yearbooks?
Yes. You pay the shipping cost in advance. Email studentmedia@olemiss.edu for information about shipping a yearbook.

Can someone else pick up my yearbook for me?
Yes, but they must have your student ID.

Am I in the yearbook?
Yearbook portraits were taken in the fall by a company called Lifetouch. If you showed up for our portrait sign-ups, you will be pictured in that section. We also have a Sponsor Section, and you may be pictured with an organization. The rest of the book is filled with stories and photos about the year.

I worked on my high school yearbook. Can I work on it next year?
You may contact our office for staffing information for next year. All students are eligible to apply for student positions at the SMC, from freshman year through graduate school. Email studentmedia@olemiss.edu.

How can I look at yearbooks from before I went here?
Every yearbook is in the Library, and can also be found in a digital archive through the Library’s database. You can access that link on theolemissyearbook.com in the About section.

I am a student at one of the satellite campuses. Do I have to pick up my yearbook on the Oxford campus?
No. We send copies of the yearbook by shuttle to the satellite campuses. Each campus has a coordinator who arranges distribution. Contact the student services office on your campus for information.
More content is available on www.theolemissyearbook.com.