New Food Trucks on Campus

Convenient and Delicious Additions to Ole Miss Dining

Photo courtesy: Ole Miss Dining

Ole Miss has seen a lot of change this past year, but one new addition to campus has been especially enticing for students. In the spring of 2021, Blenz Bowls took over the dining area in Weir Hall but also opened up its own truck that moves around campus throughout the day to optimize student accessibility. The success and popularity of the truck led to the Ole Miss Dining Food Truck Festival in April of 2021, where students were introduced to several new food truck options in the area.

This past fall, three of these food trucks were invited to campus on a more permanent basis. These new dining options do not travel throughout campus like the Blenz Bowls truck, but rather sit on Business Row. Wiggly’s, Chick in the Box, and Hotbox Hibachi are open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday in front of the Trent Lott Leadership Institute. The trucks each offer their own unique cuisine, making them a welcome addition to the campus dining experience. 

Wiggly’s, serving a variety of burritos and tacos, has become a campus favorite for many. Trace Rakow, a graduate accounting student, often stops by the Wiggly’s truck after class in Conner Hall. “The chicken and shrimp burrito is definitely my go-to lunch on campus,” Rakow said. “It is some of the best Mexican food in Oxford.” Wiggly’s, along with the other food trucks, accepts Flex dollars as payment, which is a valuable incentive for students.

Chick in the Box serves homemade fried chicken, providing students with on-the-go comfort food. One of the food truck’s specialties is chicken and waffles, bringing the best of savory and sweet flavors out in one dish. “I love their chicken tenders, especially with the snack sauce,” said Lilly Bray, a sophomore civil engineering major. “It’s such a convenient lunch between classes.”

Down the row, Hotbox Hibachi rounds out the trifecta of food trucks, bringing their take on the classic bento box. Haley Harlan, a junior pharmacy major, said, “There isn’t anything like Hotbox on campus, and it has been really nice having good quality hibachi so readily available.” The truck serves hibachi vegetables and meat, along with fried rice and homemade sauces. The portion sizes are plentiful, as is the excellent service. 

While the trucks on Business Row each offer fantastic meals, it is impossible to forget the truck that started it all: Blenz Bowls. Serving smoothies and smoothie bowls with a variety of toppings, Blenz Bowls focuses on providing delicious and refreshing meals while also spreading positivity and joy to customers. “I am obsessed with the sunset bowl,” says Margi Troxler, a freshman southern studies major. “There are so many toppings to choose from, and since the truck is usually near the Grove during the day, I love getting my bowl and then choosing a picnic table outside to sit while I eat.”

The new food trucks are an exciting addition to campus life and the dining experience at Ole Miss, as well as a convenient choice for students who don’t have much time between classes. Being able to get quality food in a hurry has been on the wishlist of many Ole Miss students since they arrived on campus, and the food trucks have offered a delicious solution. Whether students are looking for something light and healthy or true comfort food, there is a truck just around the corner ready to meet their needs.