Oxford Eats: Breakfast

We have all been told oh so many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and since Oxford is known not only for its welcoming atmosphere and its phenomenal shopping experience but also for its delicious food, why not share some of its most coveted breakfast spots! Whether you are an early bird or prefer breakfast for dinner, this list has something for everyone.

Photo Courtesy: Bottletree Bakery 

Bottletree Bakery

But first, coffee! If you like cozy cafes, Bottletree Bakery may be your place to go. From its prime location on the Square to its delicious array of homemade pastries, a visit to this Oxford original may leave you wanting more.


“My favorite place for breakfast is Bottletree Bakery. They have the best cup of coffee in town and their pastries are super good. I always order a croissant or a granola bowl and love to seat and catch up with friends there. When my parents visited me in Oxford for the first time, I planned on taking them to a different breakfast place every morning since we have so many but after we went to Bottletree on the first day, they didn’t want to try anywhere else. I ended up eating Bottletree for almost a week!”  – Ingrid Valbuena


“One of my favorite places to eat breakfast is Bottletree. It is a cute little bakery that makes all their own bread. The secret is to get there early because it fills up so quickly and all the good pastries are gone. They have these cinnamon rolls that are as big as the table and oatmeal with fresh fruit that is just fingerlicking good.” – Mary Agnes Mestayer


Photo Courtesy: Fill-up with Billups

Fill-up with Billups

This new and colorful breakfast spot is located on the Square and home to early morning or late night goodness. Because Fill-up with Billups is open from 7am – 2pm and 6pm – 2am on Thursday-Saturday, it may just be the perfect place to start your day or end it.


“I loved my first experience at Fill-up with Billups. The service was great and the food was even better! I had the Monte Cristo Wafflewich, and I will definitely be eating there again.” – Chandler Scarborough


“Fill-Ups has an egg white smothered in crawfish etouffee. I was skeptical at first, but it might be one of the best “brunch” or “breakfast” I have ever eaten. It was breakfast meets delicacy in a way.” – Cecilia Trotter


Photo Courtesy: Beacon


This long time Oxford establishment is a great place to sit and enjoy a traditional breakfast. Beacon has been guiding full stomachs out of their doors for over 50 years. Turns out you cannot go wrong with great food and great prices!


“[One of] my favorite places to eat breakfast in Oxford is the Beacon!… The Beacon is a great, inexpensive way to start off your morning! They have nearly every breakfast food you can think of. You can’t go wrong!” – Parker Baylock


Photo Courtesy: Big Bad Breakfast

Big Bad Breakfast

Of course, one cannot write about breakfast in Oxford without including this beloved and well-known Oxford favorite. From its good vibes to its delicious menu, Big Bad Breakfast is a safe bet for a meal sure to satisfy your stomach.


“So the thing I like most about BBB is the atmosphere. It has a family-like atmosphere, it feels very homey. My favorite thing there are the breakfast skillets. My dad comes into town for breakfast sometimes, and we always go there.” – Leah Davis


“I love going to BBB for breakfast because they have the best oatmeal pancakes and bacon. When birthdays roll around, everyone knows to go there to get their free birthday pancake to celebrate their special day.” – Mary Henley Green

Asia Harden

Editor in Chief