Oxford Eats: Dessert

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To wrap up the series, we’ve saved the best for last. From warm cookies to a cup full of frozen yogurt, if you’re anything like me, sweets are a daily necessity. And like we’ve learned so far, if it’s food-related, Oxford never disappoints.


Insomnia Cookies

Open until 3am every night of the week, this college town staple is the perfect go-to for late night cravings. Whether you just finished dinner on the Square or you’re cramming for an exam, warm cookies are a get pick me up. Not to mention, they deliver!


Photo Courtesy: Insomnia 


“Insomnia is my favorite dessert place because the cookies are the best I’ve had ever. They are always hot, and it is very convenient for college students who stay up late studying.” – Shelby Chapman


Yaya’s Frozen Yogurt

Not only is frozen yogurt a great snack, but this sweet treat makes for an even better dessert. Yaya’s prime location on the Square, as well as its unique favors and colorful toppings, makes it an Oxford favorite.  


Photo Courtesy: YaYa’s Frozen Yogurt 


“My favorite place to get dessert in Oxford is Yaya’s Frozen Yogurt. Not only is the yogurt delicious, but its location on the Square gives it a very local feeling. It’s the ideal place to spend an afternoon sitting at the bar and people watching through the window while enjoying your frozen yogurt.” – Madeleine McCracken  



Lenora’s is an Italian restaurant that serves anything from pasta to salmon but they also have killer desserts. Their dessert menu includes vanilla bean creme brulee, a Mississippi mud brownie, white chocolate bread pudding, and gelato.  


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“Hmmm, probably Lenora’s. I don’t usually like bread pudding, but they have a white chocolate bread pudding that I just ordered on a whim once, and now it’s my favorite.” – Marguerite Marquez


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

If one place has sweets galore, it’s Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It is a real treat for chocolate lovers seeing as they have chocolate-covered everything. They also make treat baskets that are perfect for gifting to people you love, or yourself (no judgment here).


Photo Courtesy: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory


“My favorite place to get dessert in Oxford is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory because they have really good candy apples and chocolate covered strawberries.” – Nick Jones


Asia Harden

Editor in Chief