Oxford Eats: Dinner

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As this food series is nearing its end, we have made it to arguably one of the most exciting meals of the day. After a long day of class, I often find myself thinking what’s for dinner as I’m sure many of you do. In case you can’t decide, here are a few Oxford favorites.



This restaurant and bar is meant for dinner, cocktails, and friends. They serve sandwiches, seafood and daily specials that range from crab cakes to fried chicken. They’re open from 4pm until midnight on Monday – Saturday.


Photo Courtesy: Snackbar


“My favorite dinner restaurant is definitely Snackbar because of the memories I have made with friends there. I have laughed some of my hardest laughs and have had some of my favorite conversations over a plate of their amazing truffle/parmesan fries. Their atmosphere and half off wine selection will leave you with feels for sure.” – Jessica Tran


Ajax Diner

Ajax Diner is a cozy restaurant with comfort food galore. From turnip greens to dressing and even meatloaf, it’s known for making Southern-style dishes that make college kids feel like they are back at home, so next time you miss your mom’s cooking this could be the perfect place to check out.


Photo Courtesy: Ajax


“My favorite restaurant is Ajax! The chicken and dumplings and dressing are to die for. I am from a small town, and all we have are little country restaurants, so Ajax very much reminds me of my home.” – Christian Green


South Depot Taco Shop

As mentioned in the Snacks Edition, South Depot is a great place to grab a snack but it’s affordable prices and customizable quesadillas, tacos, and burritos make it a great place for dinner too. If you snag a window seat or utilize the outdoor area, you can enjoy a nice night with a taco in hand.


Photo Courtesy: South Depot


“My friends and I will go for hours and just all sit around enjoying our favorite meal, cheese dip. Plus, you always run into someone you know. I hate to be that unoriginal, but it’s true. Nothing like cheese dip and friendship.” – Sloane Reid


Taylor Grocery

Journeying beyond the restaurants of the Square, we have an Oxford favorite that many college students may not know about. Taylor Grocery is a rustic, local restaurant that requires no reservations and has delicious fried catfish.


Photo Courtesy: Taylor Grocery Restaurant 


“The best restaurant to me is Taylor Grocery! It is a small and cozy place which garnered my love for it. I particularly enjoy their fried catfish which is always a must-have. There is usually a ton of people at Taylor Grocery so that is a sign that everything they serve is the best.” – Arielle Rogers

Asia Harden

Editor in Chief