Oxford Eats: Lunch

After exploring all of the breakfast spots Oxford has to offer, naturally, lunch had to be next. Whether you’re in the mood for authentic tacos, fresh salads, or mouthwatering sandwiches,  Oxford is sure to have a lunch plate with your name on it!

Oxford Canteen

This recent Oxford original began in a small kitchen on the Square and is now thriving in a space a few blocks from its original location. It offers a range of items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while encouraging customers to “eat like you mean it.” With a modern feel and customer first attitude, Oxford Canteen is paving its way into the heart of many residents.

Photo Courtesy: Oxford Canteen

“My favorite lunch spot is Oxford Canteen. It’s been Oxford’s best secret since it was just a window in an alley, but now that it has a space of its own, it really cannot be beaten. the daily specials sample every cuisine imaginable, and Chef Corbin is not only incredibly talented but also hilarious. Get the dirty grains with a fried egg on top!” – Emily Tipton

“Oxford Canteen is a really great place for lunch! My friend Caitlyn Perkins and I made an Oxford restaurant bucket list and that was one of the first places we tried. We LOVED it! My favorite thing on their menu is the Turkey Grinder; the bacon jam is AMAZING!” – Will Corley

Greenline Salads

Whether you’re on a health kick or just want to grab something fresh, Greenline has wraps and salads galore. Its quality toppings range from edamame and mushrooms to quinoa and shrimp, which makes it your one-stop shop for a quick, healthy meal.

Photo Courtesy: Greenline

“I love getting a big salad at Greenline! It helps me stick to my health goals, and the ingredients are always super fresh.” – Katherine Anne Terracina

Saint Leo

If you’re looking to treat yourself at a stylish venue, Saint Leo may be exactly what you are looking for. This local Italian spot is home to brunch favorites like the coveted avocado toast, as well as pasta, pizzas, and much more for lunch and dinner. It is a city meets small town restaurant sure to leave you full of deliciousness.

Photo Courtesy: Saint Leo

“If I’m trying to be a lil’ fancy, my favorite place to eat lunch in Oxford is Saint Leo. My friend group absolutely loves going. They have the best chopped salad in the world, and I am NOT a salad girl! The fried egg sandwich that they serve at brunch is also incredible. But, because I’m on a college budget, St. Leo is definitely more of a special occasion place.” – Hallie Gillam

Taco Shop

This lesser-known Oxford gem has Mexican food described as nothing less than authentic. From the fresh salsa to the homemade tortillas, Taco Shop on University Avenue is well worth the trip.

Photo Courtesy: Taco Shop

“One of my favorite places to eat lunch in Oxford would have to be the Taco Shop. It is probably the most underrated restaurant in Oxford. If you want real, authentic Mexican food, then the Taco Shop is the place to go. The tacos are delicious, and they are only $1.29 each. You can’t beat that price for the great quality that the Taco Shop serves.” – Brandy Truong

“I love the Taco Shop because it provides a place to get authentic Mexican food, and their tacos are better than anywhere else in town.” – Lucy Pruitt

Volta Taverna

Volta Taverna is a local Greek restaurant located on North Lamar that is a great place to hang out with friends and family while enjoying a tasty meal. The menu offers appetizers, soups, pizzas, gyros, and wraps that taste as good as they look.

Photo Courtesy: voltataverna.com

“I love to eat lunch at Volta! They have the best chicken gyros and hummus in town! You can sit outside and enjoy the weather or sit at the bar and just hang out with friends.” – Rosa Salas


Asia Harden

Editor in Chief