Playing for More Than Themselves

Ole Miss Women’s Club Lacrosse

Photo courtesy: Samantha Dakauskas

The Ole Miss women’s club lacrosse team has high hopes for this season, but their ultimate goal is to have fun and make memories, all while playing the sport they love. Although the season doesn’t start until January, the team has been working extremely hard in preparation for it. On top of their weekly practices, the team traveled to Knoxville back in September to take on Tennessee, Kentucky, and Kennesaw State to further prepare for the upcoming spring season.

Josie Kinder, President of Ole Miss women’s club lacrosse, is looking forward to seeing what the team will accomplish this year. 

“The team’s goal for this season is to find success both on and off the field,” said Kinder. “It is always amazing to win a game or tournament, but it is most important to give it our all on the field and support each other no matter what.”

In the spring, the team plans to travel to Tuscaloosa for a tournament where they will compete against Alabama, Auburn, and Vanderbilt. The team will also be making a trip to Tallahassee for another tournament at Florida State University. However, they are most excited about a possible tournament here in Oxford, in support of a cause that means something to every player on the team. 

“We are also anticipating hosting a tournament during the weekend of March 4th in memoriam of Sarah Wheat, a student that helped start up the lacrosse program here at Ole Miss in 2010,” said Kinder. “She and her brother tragically lost their lives in 2012 when a driver under the influence crashed into them head-on, on Highway 6. It is such an important tournament to each of us on the team and the Wheat family.”

The team has hopes of being a contender for Nationals this spring, and Kinder says that she believes that they have the potential to become a threat for the title. But, no matter the outcome, the players just enjoy having the opportunity to keep competing in the sport that they are passionate about. 

Vice President Grayson Clynch has especially enjoyed her time on the women’s club lacrosse team.

“I absolutely love being on the club lacrosse team here. I have played the sport since I was five, so getting to continue playing in college has been the best opportunity,” she said. 

Above all, the team members will forever cherish the relationships that Ole Miss club lacrosse has brought them.

“My favorite part of being on the team is playing the sport I love, and having the ability to meet many different types of girls with one thing in common: lacrosse,” said Kinder.

Clynch agreed. “I have enjoyed getting to meet girls from all across the country, of all ages, in every sorority or group on campus,” she said. “I love getting to have best friends with all different demographics.”

Photo courtesy: Matt Zoloft

Not only does Kinder have great expectations for this season, but she has a bright outlook on the future of Ole Miss women’s club lacrosse. 

“In the years to come, I hope that our club grows. I hope to see it become an NCAA Division I program. It may take time, but the potential is there,” said Kinder. “I want each girl that joins the team to feel comfortable and flourish into a well-rounded individual. I want the team to become a force to be reckoned with, and very successful within the league.”