The Pros and Cons of the New Grove Sidewalk

If you’re a student at Ole Miss you’ve probably noticed The Grove is finally getting a new sidewalk, and it perfectly connects Lamar and Coulter. If you’re not excited yet, here are some reasons to get really pumped about it.


  1. No more muddy shoes

Almost every Ole Miss student has made a long trek through The Grove on a rainy day. Birkenstocks, New Balances, Chacos… all ruined. But not anymore!


  1. A convenient place to roll your cooler on gameday

If you’ve ever been to an Ole Miss football game, you know getting all your food and drink needs to your tent isn’t exactly easy. The new sidewalk will aid you and your friends on feeling refreshed faster.


  1. Finding your friends on gameday

So you’ve successfully got the cooler to the tent using the new sidewalk, but now you need your friends. With no signal and The Grove being a massive, endless land of tents and people, telling your friends where you are can be difficult. The awkward “Yeah, kind of by Lamar, but not. In the middle and to left. Red tent.” texts can come to stop. You can now conveniently meet your friends on the new sidewalk.


  1. A new running trail

Running on campus is a great way to relax and de-stress from your day. The new pathway can give your running route a change of scenery.


  1. There are none! This new sidewalk is a great addition to the functionality of our campus!
Blake Bione
Blake Bione

Blake is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Red Bud, Illinois. Blake loves Korean dramas and pugs.

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