Registering For Classes: As Told By Chandler Bing

Registration. One of the most stressful times of the year for some students. Nothing ruins your post-spring break vibes more than having to contemplate your future. Chandler Bing knows the feeling and he’s here to tell you, you are not alone.


Looking at all the classes you still have to take like:

 chandler bing "woah"

When your advisor tells you it’s time to fill out your “Intent To Graduate” form:

Chandler Bing Nervous Fake Laughter

When people tell you registering gets easier:

Chandler Bing Really?

When you don’t get in the class with all your friends:

 Chandler Bing Im gonna die alone

Your response to all those students who have their lives together:

 Chandler Bing Shut up

Telling your parents your gonna drop out like:

 Chandler Bing "It was simple. I came up with some cost cutting solutions"

When people tell you an 8 am is okay cause the teacher is good:

Chandler Bing "Oh Im so convinced"

When you finally get your schedule set:

 Chandler Bing woo hoo

The night after your registration window:

Chandler Bing "ive had a very long hard day"

Alexis Lee
Alexis Lee

Alexis is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major with a specialization in Public Relations from Normal, Illinois. When she is not writing, she can be found watching Gossip Girl or HGTV with her cat and drinking green tea.

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