The Right Field Rundown

SWAYZE CRAZIES! Your season has finally arrived. Baseball opening day is closer than spring break which means there is a very good chance for some beer showers in our near future. With the new season ahead, I think it is only fair to give a little reminder of the right field expectations.


Baseball player at bat
Photo Courtesy: Josh McCoy, Ole Miss Communications


  • First and foremost, only drink if you are of legal age. Don’t ruin your outfield experience before the game even starts.
  • Bring your own chairs or something to sit on. Otherwise, you will be standing, sitting on gravel or sitting on something HOT and people do not want to hear you complain about any of that. P.S. It is not cool to take other peoples chairs or tents.
  • Also, be early and yes, you will have to wait in line. Do it #fortherebs.
  • Bring your drinks in a cooler. Plain and simple, make your life and the security teams lives easier.
  • Open a new beer at your own risk. For newbies, here is your tip: open it when we are on defense.
  • Make sure you are confident in your beer shower toss. We don’t need to waste beer nor do you need help to further embarrass yourself.
  • You will be obligated to participate in the chants and heckling. It’s just part of the game and if you don’t know what I am talking about, go follow Right Field Heckler (@RFhater) on Twitter.
  • It is absolutely acceptable to make running in the solo cup race a dream of yours. Say a prayer, because it might be your lucky year.
  • And yes, the heckling rule applies to the solo cup race as well.
  • The YoknapaTaco truck is a privilege and the greatest gift you could ask for. Don’t disrespect it.
  • Lastly, bring a pen. It would be very unfortunate to not be able to write notes back and forth with the outfield. But make sure you throw the ball back on time, the players do have a job to do.


On the more technical side of things, Ole Miss ranks in Top 25 preseason poll which consists of eight total SEC teams (Baseball America). With some high-intensity home series including Arkansas and LSU, the Rebels are ready for what the 2018 season holds. Players to watch include Will Golsan and Will Stokes in their senior years, and Ryan Rolison and Dallas Woolfolk who have both been deemed with some preseason accolades.

Be there THIS FRIDAY as the 2018 baseball squad steps out onto the field for the very first time. The series begins Friday, February 16, at 4 p.m. against Winthrop.

Alexis Lee
Alexis Lee

Alexis is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major with a specialization in Public Relations from Normal, Illinois. When she is not writing, she can be found watching Gossip Girl or HGTV with her cat and drinking green tea.

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