Roommate Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Live Alone Pt. 2

In the spirit of Halloween and all things horror, we’re bringing back more roommate horror stories. Last year, you read accounts that probably still give you nightmares, but there are many more awful tales to be told. When asking Ole Miss students about their roommate troubles, they surely did not disappoint.


  1. The Makeup Guru

“In the morning, she will turn on all the lights, even the overhead. She doesn’t care that I’m sleeping. It’s like 7 a.m. She says she needs all the light to do her makeup, but that’s why we have lamps!”


  1. The Miscommunicator

“One thing I hated about my roommate was that we had lack of communication, and he had his girlfriend over all the time. I would sometimes walk in on them!”


  1. The Non-talker

“My roommate doesn’t talk. In the past week, we’ve maybe had one conversation.”


  1. The Spoiled Brat

“The other day my roommate got mad at me because I hadn’t cleaned the dishes by the sink, but they were all hers! Why would I clean up after her?”


  1. The Sharer

“She used my toothbrush. That’s just gross.”


  1. The Almost Embarrassing Moment

“My roommate told me that she wasn’t going to be home for a while. I had just gotten out of the shower and I didn’t have any clothes on yet. I had sat down for a second when she walked in the door. Good thing I had a blanket laying over me when she walked in!”


  1. The John Doe

“I still don’t know my roommate’s name, and I’ve asked him three times!”


  1. The Loud Mouth

“When I’m in the dorm, my roommate doesn’t care if I’m studying. She will literally be obnoxious and loud. She’ll bring people over at random times when she knows I have work to do.”


Asia Harden
Asia Harden

Asia is a freshman majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications from Greenville, Mississippi. She loves cheese dip, turtles, and the color blue. Asia has a major sweet tooth and just happens to love writing stuff down.

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