Six Signs You Need Christmas Break Now

It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time! But more importantly, it’s time for another break! It’s safe to say this semester needs to come to a close, and if three or more of these signs fit you, then you probably agree with me. Not only is this semester beginning to feel never ending, but you’re falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of holiday cheer. But no worries, you’ll be listening to holiday tunes by the fireplace at home before you know it.

1. You are already listening to Christmas music
You can taste the peppermint on your teeth and smell Christmas dinner. You pretend it’s snowing as you walk to class with “Jingle Bells” playing through your earphones.

2. Your grades are slowly getting worse
Procrastination is very real. You have skipped way too many classes and missed assignments. You’re just not putting in the effort that you were at the beginning of the school year. Let’s be honest, your care level is at an all-time low.

3. Christmas is your middle name
Your wishlist was typed up weeks ago. Anything peppermint is a must. Your tacky Christmas sweater is anxiously waiting in your closet. Your Christmas playlist is killer, and Santa himself is your friend on Facebook. Need I say more?

4. You’re the closest you’ll ever be to burning out
You’re tired all the time, and you can’t see how you’ll survive these last few days. You want nothing more than for this semester to be over because you need a fresh start.

5. You had a Christmas tree up before December 1
You helped your mom put up the Christmas tree at home the day after Thanksgiving. Since you don’t want to miss out on the Christmas cheer, you decorate your dorm/apartment with any Christmas decorations you could get your hands on.

6. You went overboard with gift giving
Sure, it’s the season of giving but you may have gone too over the top this year. You couldn’t contain your excitement and bought a gift for everyone, including yourself, and you can’t wait for them to be opened on the 25th.

Asia Harden
Asia Harden

Asia is a freshman majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications from Greenville, Mississippi. She loves cheese dip, turtles, and the color blue. Asia has a major sweet tooth and just happens to love writing stuff down.

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