So Your Professor is Late… Should You Wait?

Tuition keeps rising so paying college students would love to get their moneys worth of of education right? Teachers love to penalize students for being late, but what happens when the tables are turned? Do students pull out a roll sheet and count them absent? Is there really a such rule as the “15 minute rule?”
Many students have heard of the rule, it is said to be 15 minutes for a professor and 20 minutes for professors with a doctorate. The average student is just too scared to try it because what happens if the teacher shows up the moment they leave, do they then get counted absent?”
Junior Brittney Browning wouldn’t dare leaving. “Just my luck the moment I leave, the teacher would hand out a quiz” she said.
At some point while sitting in a class, a decision will have to be made. Watching the clock and noticing that fifteen minutes have passed. A few students will leave while a few may stay. Listening to numerous students giving different alibis on what might have happened to the professor. Starring outside the window just hoping that the professor will come waltzing in with an excuse, but then again it may not happen.
Many people have different understandings of the rule. That is why it would be best to check each teacher’s syllabus. If the professor didn’t specify then use the “15 minute rule.”
Being present seems logical, but it’s not always easily. While sitting in class waiting on a teacher one may feel they could invested in other things.
Sophomore Lonnie Walker has never faced this dilemma and hopes he never does. “If this ever happens after 15 minutes I’m gone. I’ll just scan my ID and leave the class.”
As a student, one would certainly desire to give the benefit of the doubt and wait for a “reasonable amount of time.”  The best option would be to play it smart and study until the instructor arrived or class ended, which ever came first. Be professional about it. For example if your boss hires you to run to a snack shop from 9 to 10 but there are no customers from 9 to 9:30, should you leave and close the shop up? Of course not. Fulfill your end of the obligation and be present.


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