Student Union Update

The newly renovated Student Union food court opened to the public at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. The expansion included Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Qdoba, Which Wich and McAlister’s Deli. Along with adding new restaurant selection, Ole Miss also added more tables and chairs giving students more room to sit and enjoy their meals. The restaurants are dedicated to serving the students and faculty and have diligently trained employees to provide a positive dining experience on campus.

The inside of the student union food court
Photo courtesy Ole Miss Communications

Students have taken notice and are impressed with everything the Union has to offer. “I love the selection of foods they have now. I feel like I have more options on where to eat,” senior, Mallory commented, “They also seem to have more room for people to sit, which is nice.” There is always a steady flow of people coming in and out of the Union throughout the day, especially during lunch and dinner time, so it seems their update has been successful so far. “I am excited to see what else the Union has next year,” said junior, Alex, “Honestly, I can’t wait for the new lounge.”

The completed Union will double its old square-footage totaling at 173,000 square feet. Along with an expanded food court, there will be an 8,200 square-foot ballroom space for events. The Union is being transformed from the inside-out to feature new meeting spaces for student organizations, with a 2,500 square-foot conference room and a 2,700 square-foot council room. The Union will also be home to multiple campus offices as well as the Ole Miss Bookstore. The completed union is not set to be open until Fall 2018. Until then, students wait patiently while enjoying the new and improved Student Union food court.  

Alexis Lee
Alexis Lee

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