Underrated Study Spots

As hard as it is to find a table at the J.D Williams Library or Lamar Hall, there are many other spots that are deemed as “underrated” or not heard of on our universities campus. We have all waited in the long Starbucks line wondering where we would sit to study or do our homework. Friends cannot even sit together due to lack of chairs or not enough space.

With finals approaching, students can find a better spot to cram the last minute assignments and find great study spot that they can venture back to as time passes.

Junior, Jenna Spies says her favorite study spots are on the third floor of Bishop Hall or in the “map room” of J.D Williams.

“I enjoy the third floor of Bishop because there are a high-top table and very few students walking by as a distraction. Bishop also offers classrooms that are normally empty, therefore I spread out my books while comfortable on the study grind”, said Spies.

Below is a composed list of other study spots that students have suggested or worked well in.

1) Brevard Hall-Second Floor

Mary Katherine Head’s favorite spot to study in and can also look down at the globe that is revolving at the same speed as us. Ever since she took the EDHE course in this building, it has been one of her favorites to return to.

2) Farley Hall Side Basement

Some people have not heard of the side basement in Farley Hall. Both Journalism and IMC students daily show their peers this wonderful spot. IMC majors, Meghan Titus and Alise McCreary love to have this “go too” spot that is in the same building as their major classes. The side door that faces Lamar Hall or the side door of Farley by the four column staircase will let you into this secret spot. Although it is small, nobody ever utilizes the couches, high-top tables and other arrangements.

3) The Baxter Room in the J.D. Williams Library

When students visit rooms in the campus library, they probably do not know that they all have specific names. The Baxter room is the room right next to the Starbucks with multiple computers and spaces to study. It may not be the quietest but has set off spaces for students to have whiteboard access as well as using a PC. Junior, Haley Smyth aims to find a spot in this room due to the comfortable chairs and atmosphere that it brings.

When these rooms are occupied, a couple of other spots include open rooms in Lamar Hall, Brevard Hall or even sitting by the windows in the library, one of Faith Kortash’ favorite spots.

Whether it may be sunny or dark outside, students can view the beautiful campus while studying.  Our campus has so much to offer to its students rather than just rooms to study in.

On the first floor in the library commons, tutors offer free sessions for numerous subjects. The department of writing also offers an on-campus writing center. Appointments can be made by visiting their sites.

Students also have access to booking private study rooms in the library. This tool comes in handy when booking for an upcoming project, test or even finals! Book them now and you will be so glad you did, May is just around the corner.

Happy Studying!

Madeline Nash

Madeline Nash is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Dallas, Texas. Madeline enjoys shopping, playing tennis and traveling the world in her spare time. Her travels have taken her everywhere from Greece all the way to Germany. She loves watching the Dallas Cowboys and wine Wednesday’s with friends!