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Well This Is Embarrassing..

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Life is full of embarrassing moments that you wish you could just completely forget about and erase from your memory and those seem to get amplified in college. Good news is everyone has those moments. Yes, even I have had my fair share of embarrassing moments since stepping foot onto campus. One of those moments is actually included in the list below (good luck figuring out which one). Take a look at mine and other students’ most embarrassing moments!



You don’t have to be a freshman to have an awkward encounter on campus or in the classroom. Sometimes life just gets the best of us. These are some of the most embarrassing moments that have taken place on the Ole Miss campus.


“Freshman year, the first day of class, I did not realize the desks in Hume Hall are bolted into the floor and I completely knocked some kids stuff off his deck with my backpack.”


“I accidentally walked into the girls’ bathroom one time and didn’t realize it. I’m a guy.”


“I left my windows down in my car one day when it had rained and there was standing water in my car when I opened my door.”


“Running (literally) around campus in a pig-onesie in the middle of recruitment week for sororities.”


“Had to get up in front of 400+ people and do a choreographed dance during ‘welcome week.’”


“Forgot an umbrella, raincoat, rain boots, and anything you would need when it rains and had to walk from Bishop to Lamar in 10 minutes. Was completely drenched when I got there and my professor told me to just go home.”


“I walked into the wrong class of only seniors my first class of freshman year and missed the entire class because I couldn’t find the right building.”


Going Out

Let’s be honest, we all have a story from a night we went out with friends to the bars. Some of us just may be able to recall those events better than others. Here are some embarrassing moments that have happened at the bars in Oxford.


“Randomly kissed a guy one night. To this day, I have no idea who it was.”


“Really any time I go out to the bars is embarrassing.”


“Tried to get up to dance on the bar top at the Levee, while drunk, and completely fell over while trying to stand up in the bar. Everyone saw.”


“I’ve passed out in the bathroom at the bars a couple times.”


“Had a random make-out session with some guy on the dance floor at the Library.”



The most common form of embarrassment is, you guessed it: tripping and falling. Whether they happen together or independent of each other, you just have to get up and brush yourself off, literally.


“Fell down the stairs as someone was walking up them at exact same time.”


“I was walking to my truck, in the Tad Pad parking lot, down the hill and slipped in the mud and wiped out down the hill last year. Mud was everywhere and I still haven’t cleaned my backpack yet.”


“Tipping in front of a group of orientation tours on campus.”


“Fell walking up the steps in the football stadium and wasn’t even drunk.”


“It was pouring down rain, like hurricanes/tsunami type rain, and I had my rain jacket, rain boots, and umbrella but it was so windy that my umbrella flipped up and pulled me and I fell flat in the middle of the business district.”