Q and A With The Infamous Crossing Guard

Stephen Wilkerson is a well-known figure around The University of Mississippi’s campus. Wilkerson serves as the crossing guard in between Farley Hall and the Student Union. He is happily married to his wife Tammy and has three children Stephen Cole, Carly and Claire. Students from all across campus love to talk to Wilkerson daily because it brings a smile to their face. Below are a couple of questions and answers that were asked to him. Rain or shine Wilkerson will be out there daily serving students and the rest of the community.

Q: What brought you to Ole Miss out of all places to serve as a crossing guard?

A: “I worked in the parks and recreation industry for 27 years and retired with 3 years left to spare. I had a goal of working for 30 years so he was brought to Ole Miss to work three more. I became bored cutting the grass in his yard and cleaning the house. I told my wife I needed to find something else to do and found Wood Security. Mainly because I loved the school’s campus and all of the people that came with it. Students began to bring me little items such as chewing gum and Gatorade. Jordan Ta’amu even asked me what the proper name was that I went by.”


Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

A: “I enjoy the beautiful views of The Grove behind me. It doesn’t get any better than that”.


Q: What are the funniest things or some memories that you remember while on the job?

A: “There is not a single person at this campus that is as nice as James Meredith. I was introduced to Meredith and he is a common guy that will sit around and talk to you. I have also met Archie Manning who is very humble and even asked me what my name was and how I was doing on that day.”


Q: Is there anything you would like to add or express to the school community about your job?

A: “I would like to thank Patrick Wood and Wood Security for giving me the opportunity to lead as an Ole Miss crossing guard.”


This story is a supplemental preview to a full story about Stephen Wilkerson that will be printed in the 2019 Yearbook.

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