Miss Ole Miss: Jessica Tran

Photo Courtesy: Megan Suttles

What would your advice be to incoming freshman?

My advice for incoming freshmen would be to live life with an open mind and an open heart. Live each day with the curiosity of a child and push yourself out of the bubble you have created for yourself. Strive to be the person your 5-year-old self would think was awesome. I always say to myself, “You only get this exact moment once; what are you going to do?”

Photo Courtesy: Megan Suttles

What is the most memorable experience you have from Ole Miss?

My most memorable experience has to be the night of the primary election for Miss Ole Miss. I remember messaging everyone on my campaign team to meet up at the flagpole. It was around 20 minutes before the announcement of results, and all of my friends gathered to do a huge group hug. I cried so hard because it was in that single moment that I felt like I completely belonged. Surrounded by all these people who love and believe in me was such a surreal experience that I will always remember. These are the people I want by my side.

What are your favorite things to do in Oxford?

My favorite thing to do in Oxford is to cruise around the city with my friends while listening to good music. I also love a good run through Whirlpool Trails when I am stressed out. If you are ever wondering where I am, there is a very high chance I am eating at my favorite restaurant, Toyo.

Best place to study on campus?

My favorite place to study on campus is the Honors College Dungeon. It is a 24-hour quiet zone, so I am able to completely focus on my work without any distractions. Another low-key place to study is by the fountain outside of Paris Yates Chapel. That is my ultimate go-to if I need to destress and collect myself.

Photo Courtesy: Megan Suttles

What legacy, if any, do you want to leave behind?

As I enter into the final two semesters of my college career, I have often found myself reminiscing on my previous three years of growing as an individual at this university. Transitioning from the routine-oriented nature of high school to the unpredictable lifestyle of college was difficult for me; and to remedy this, I dedicated myself to finding a home in this new environment. I joined several organizations, reached out in the community and took classes that satiated my curiosities. Reflecting on this journey, I have found that these avenues have a common thread running between them. My activities did not provide me with this home that I originally sought, but the relationships that I made along the way gave me the home for which I yearned. Although I do not believe that I will leave behind a tangible legacy, I do believe the relationships I have built will live on. I have had the opportunity to listen to the stories of strangers turned friends; and through this, I have gained a greater understanding of the magic and joy of human connection. The legacy that I leave behind will stem from the people I have met during my tenure at Ole Miss. When one pours into another, the belief of giving and service through sacrifice, the effects snowball. My legacy is meeting people where they are, however they are. With my time, I have consistently striven to emphasize the necessity for building human connection.

What will be your platform while you represent Ole Miss?

My main goal through this platform is to make sure each and every student from all corners of campus finds their home here and actually feels comfortable being a part of the concept that is “Ole Miss Family.” But having a united family first starts with focusing on ourselves and our wellbeing. This is why I want to address the campus’s need for better quality mental health resources. Compared to other SEC schools, we are below average in resources such as counselors and mental health programming. This is unacceptable, and we must hold our administration accountable. With help from people who believe in this cause, I am confident we will be able to not only leave a lasting legacy but also change some lives.