Your Worst Parking Nightmares

Everyone has a crazy parking story. You may think yours is the worst, but just wait until you read about these people’s worst parking experiences. We asked Ole Miss students to tell us their stories, and here is what they had to say:

  1.     Backing Up Gone Bad
    “I once saw a jacked up truck run over the bumper of another car in the Hefley parking lot. The truck drove away, but he did leave a note on the windshield first.”
  2. Mom vs. Campus Police
    “Move out day my freshman year, my mom came to help me move out. She parked in an unauthorized zone, and I told her to move or she was going to get a ticket. She told me there was no way she would get a ticket. Before we even got to the door of my dorm, campus police had pulled up were trying to give her a ticket. She fought with them for ten minutes. She got out of the ticket somehow. I got a fun ‘I told you so’ moment out of the whole thing.”
  3. The Cry Baby
    “At freshman orientation, I saw a grown man cry because he had a boot on his tire for parking in a no parking zone. His son thought it was funny, but the man apparently did not.”
  4. The Rabid Raccoon
    “Well there once was a raccoon… He attacked me as I was getting out of my car then retreated into the drain from whence he came.”
  5. So… Now What?
    “One time my friend and I walked out of class, and her car had a boot. She was parked in the right spot, but they gave her a ticket because her tag and car didn’t match the one they had in the computer system for her parking pass. She’d gotten a new car and changed it, but it didn’t process. So within 30 minutes, they gave her a ticket for that, a ticket for being in restricted parking, a ticket for not moving, and a boot.”
  6. Dude Where’s My Car?
    “During baseball season last year, my friend and I were going to a game, but she had just broken her foot and couldn’t walk all the way from the dorms to the baseball field so I decided to drive over there. After the game we walked back to where I THOUGHT my car was parked. Well my car was not where we thought it was. I started panicking and crying because I thought my car had gotten towed. Turns out my car was in the parking lot next to the one we were in. Oops…”
  7. Rush Week Madness
    “The parking lots around Martin and Stockard during rush week are complete insanity. I’m pretty sure there were so many accidents that week just in the parking lots alone. I don’t know which was worse, trying not to hit pedestrians or trying not to hit other cars… Yikes…”
  8. The Daily Struggle
    “Trying to find a parking spot on campus every day is a horror story in itself.”
Allie Jones

Copy Editor

Allie Jones is a senior majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing from Benton, Mississippi. In what little free time she has, she enjoys reading, writing, and anything that has to do with Harry Potter (She’s a Hufflepuff). Allie is a grammar aficionado and an avid coffee mug collector.