8 Roommate horror stories that will make you want to live alone

In honor of Halloween, we’re breaking out the scary stories. But these aren’t your traditional Halloween hauntings. We asked Ole Miss students to tell us about their ghosts of roommates past and here is what they said:

  1.  The Undie Thief

    “I had one
    steal my underwear out of my drawer and I would find them in her dirty clothes piles on the floor.”
  2. The Roommate Roaster 

    “I had a foreign student who kept a 50 pound bag of rice, and tried keeping the apartment on 83 degrees. Finally, I just gave her my space heater and told her to leave it in her room.” 

  3. The Revolting Slob 

    “My roommate was a horrible slob and an even worse drunk eater. I would find half empty cartons of melted ice cream stashed in the kitchen cabinets. One weekend my mom came to visit and I had her drop me and a few friends off at the bars. I switched my phone to silent and dropped it in my purse without any concern. Next thing I know I’ve got about eight thousand missed calls from my mom. I jump to conclusions so I freak out and call her immediately. She finally answered and told me that she was locked out. She knocked on the side door hoping that my roommate would see her through the window to let her in but my roommate was plastered. She turned around, looked straight at my mother, and shoveled half a bag of shredded cheddar into her pie hole. My mom knocked louder and started yelling her name. Ignoring her, she finished the bag of cheese, walked to her room, and shut her bedroom door. My mom was officially locked out.”

  4. The Bully

    “Roommate freshman year tried to beat me up over my TV being left on over night.”

  5. The Self-Lover

    “Walked in on my roommate in Martin with her vibrator… that made for an interesting rest of the school year!!”

  6. The Jerking Jerk

    “The first morning I woke up in my dorm freshman year, I was awoken by a… noise coming from my roommate’s bed. I knew what he was doing so I decided I would thrash around my bed a bit so he would realize I was awake and he would stop. I kept thrashing around, but the pat pat pat sounds continued coming from my roommates bed (a mere three feet away.) I finally just sat up in my bed and looked at my roommate. We made eye contact. He didn’t stop.”

  7. The Lonely Boy

    “I had a roommate who came here from across the world. He said he came here for love; he found a girl on the internet who goes to Ole Miss so he wanted to be with her. When he got here, though, she would never meet or talk to him. Long story short, my roommate cried in our room all semester.”

  8. The Hershey Squirter

    The spring semester of my freshmen year had recently begun and I was awoken from a peaceful slumber by a foul odor. I ignored it and tried to dive back into another REM cycle before my 10 a.m. That was impossible. The stench reached its peak and I began to wonder what it was… in Stockard, you could never be too sure. Once I could hardly breathe, I rolled over to see my roommate jolt from his slumber and rush out of the room in brown-stained underwear. You see, he had been at a swap the night prior and came back highly intoxicated. Now fully awake, I rolled over to check my phone, only to find an email from the University informing students that a water main busted and water would be out on campus all day. You realize how this would pose a problem. He returned a few minutes later to change his boxers but left his soiled sheets on his bed. He grabbed a blanket from his closet and proceeded to lie down on my futon. It was being horribly contaminated. The room still reeked when I rushed out for class.”

Rachel Vanderford

Rachel Vanderford is a senior Integrated Marketing Communication major. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to punk rock music and playing with her cat, Dinah.