Photos: Love Still Trumps Hate

Ole Miss Chi Alpha members hosted and open forum for students to answer the question, “How can you address racism?” on a board in front of the Student Union on Nov. 8 and 9. They believe that this will help students come together despite national heightened political tension.

Here’s what they had to say.





[/vc_ro_ceh3940Correl Hoyle sits under the magnolia tree between Peabody and the Lyceum Wednesday


Students Sarah Kavanagh, John Ross Graham and Adam Flaherty hold signs in the Circle.




Cady Herring


Cady Herring is a senior International Studies major and journalism and Spanish minor from Memphis, Tenn. You can usually find her listening to Viva Latino or taking photos on campus or in Africa. She’s studied abroad in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uruguay and hopes to work internationally after graduation. She’s currently researching the relationship between media and migration for her thesis and loves tacos.