Where Are They Now?: Mr. & Miss Ole Miss

Personality run-off elections are being held today, and what better way to celebrate than by catching up with former Mr. & Miss Ole Miss recipients. It is a time-honored position on the Ole Miss campus to be selected for these positions. Whether they’re states away or living close to home, they will forever be tied to our campus community. 

Jessica Tran
Miss Ole Miss 2018 

Jessica is a second-year medical student at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) in Jackson. As a student she majored in biochemistry and participated in organizations such as Active Minds, the Big Event, Honors College Senate, RebelTHON, Student Activities Association, and Chi Omega Sorority. Her campaign platform was “mental health awareness, gearing more towards on-campus resources and increasing student accessibility to them,” she said.

Q: What did winning Miss Ole Miss mean to you?

A: “During my spring semester of freshman year, I was in a dark place mentally, and I felt extremely lonely in a sea of faces. I thought I didn’t belong. I remember cutting across campus, and I looked over to these huge signs in front of the Union. Obviously intimidated, I pretended to be on my phone. Then I heard someone yell, ‘Hey Jessica! How are you today?’ That was Austin Powell, ASB President 2016. I didn’t think anyone remembered my name. We had met just once. That moment still replays in my mind. I wanted to be that person for someone, too. I wanted to know your name and hear your story and know how your day was. That is what running for Miss Ole Miss afforded me. Being elected was such an incredibly humbling honor, but it was never the goal.”

Q: Have you had any silver linings during this global pandemic? 

A: “Before the pandemic, I felt like I was going 100 miles an hour. I felt like I was on autopilot. Once we began quarantining, I finally got a chance to sit down and take a breath. I had the opportunity to study from home and see my family, whom I wouldn’t have been able to see as much otherwise. You start to notice the little things again, and that is such a privilege. While this pandemic is life-changing, to say the least, I do challenge everyone reading this to reach out to someone you love and say hello. This is an extremely isolating time, and that hello could turn both of your days around. Also, wear your masks.”

Tucker Fox
Mr. Ole Miss 2017

Tucker is a 2018 graduate who double majored in managerial finance/banking and finance. He currently resides in Memphis, TN where he works for Raymond James in wealth management. During his time at the University, he served as an Ole Miss Ambassador and Orientation Leader, as well as a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. His campaign platform was the “Ole Miss Family”.

Q: Favorite Ole Miss memory?

A: “Some of my favorite memories were giving tours to prospective students and families, especially ones that were coming on campus for the first time. Being able to share a place that is so near and dear to my heart was so cool for me. Seeing that ‘aha’ moment when a senior or junior in high school realizes this is where they want to spend their next four years – those were the best moments.”

Q: What advice would you give to college seniors?

A: “The best advice that I could offer to college seniors is [to] continue to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone. Running for Mr. Ole Miss definitely did that for me and I became a more well-rounded person because of it, regardless of whether I won or lost. Also, find a mentor that will urge you to do just that. Martin Fisher, in the Office of Admissions, had such a positive impact on my life and college experience. Without him, I wouldn’t have gotten out of my comfort zone and become an Orientation Leader. To this day he is a great mentor and friend of mine.”

Savannah Smith 
Miss Ole Miss 2017 

Savannah is from Corinth, MS but currently works for NBC News Digital in New York City. Besides being elected Miss Ole Miss on the platform “Our Ole Miss,” her college involvement included co- director of Big Event, vice president of the Columns Society, and serving as an executive member of Chi Omega sorority. Her majors were journalism and public policy leadership. 

Q: How did winning Miss Ole Miss impact your senior year?

A: “It was so surreal to be Miss Ole Miss. Those days hold some of the sweetest memories of celebrating the campus and the people who had poured so much into me during my time at the University of Mississippi. I think getting to have meaningful conversations with people about the progress that our university was making and had the potential to make in the future was one of the most rewarding parts of that year.”

Q: Favorite Ole Miss memory?

A: “Tuesday mornings at Bottletree Bakery.”

Q: What are you up to these days? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: “I’m working in journalism in New York City, and hope to continue writing and reporting stories about politics, art and culture.”

Margaret Ann Macloud
Miss Ole Miss 2012

Margaret Ann served as an Orientation Leader, Ole Miss Ambassador, and member of the Columns Society. She was also a part of NewsWatch and Delta Gamma sorority. As a candidate for Miss Ole Miss, her campaign slogan was “MAM for MOM.” 

Now, she works as a media relations specialist (initiatives and programs) in the Office of University Communications at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg.

Q: What advice would you give to college seniors?

A: “Take advantage of every opportunity. If there’s a study abroad opportunity, do it. If there’s a chance to serve on a board, do it. If you find somewhere to volunteer, do it. If there’s an elective class that interests you, take it. Basically, make time for fitting in all of the things you may have not have done your first three years.”

Also… “you should definitely go to that happy hour instead of studying just once. My friends and I turned out just fine.”

Q: Have you had any silver linings during this global pandemic?

A: “It’s definitely taught me to slow down and focus on what’s important. By nature of my previous jobs, there was no such thing as a break. Having a lot of forced quiet time during the pandemic was really tough at first, but I’ve learned to use it to my benefit by realizing I needed to place more attention on other parts of my life. It’s been fun, although sometimes challenging, to grow on a personal level in this way.”

Q: What are you up to these days? Anything fun to add? 

A: “One of my favorite fun things I do now is being part of a marching krewe for New Orleans Mardi Gras. We are the Amelia Earhawts, and it’s a group of women who just love dancing, having fun, and celebrating Carnival. This will be my third Mardi Gras with the Hawts, as we call ourselves. Growing up on the Louisiana line, I’ve always gone to Mardi Gras, so being in a marching krewe is right up my alley. We dance the whole parade route in several parades throughout the season. Laissez les bons temps rouler.”

Logan Rush
Mr. Ole Miss 2011

After graduating from Ole Miss in 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in biology, he attended the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) in Jackson, MS. After graduating from that program, he completed a three year dermatology residency at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Currently, he is in a fellowship in Mohs micrographic surgery & dermatologic oncology at Saint Louis University. 

As a student, he was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity and Cru. After his fellowship, he hopes to return to his hometown of Meridian, MS with his wife, Ole Miss alumna, Anne Webb Rush and son Henry. 

Q: What did winning Mr. Ole Miss (formerly known as Colonel Reb) mean to you?

A: “I have been an Ole Miss fan for as long as I can remember. I knew I would go to Ole Miss at an early age. In fact, I didn’t apply anywhere else for college… so to have the opportunity to represent Ole Miss was very special. It made my senior year one I will never forget – from going on the field during the homecoming game, to emceeing the Parade of Beauties, to helping promote charities and events such as the Big Event.”

Q: Favorite Ole Miss memory?

A: “Tailgating before football games. No doubt.” 

Q: Any words of encouragement for our readers? 

A: “My words of encouragement are to work as hard as you can, not worry about what you can’t control, and ask the Lord to bless the rest. To me, that mindset has been the best way to live without regret.”

ASB is hosting election results tonight at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom. Afterward, you will be able to view the results on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/olemissasb . Good luck tonight, Rebels! 

Asia Harden

Editor in Chief