Atkins Keeping At It

A Q&A with Morgan Atkins, 2021-2022 ASB President

Photo courtesy: Ashley Mills

Q: Why did you decide to run for ASB President? (Was it a goal of yours before last spring? Were you encouraged by friends/family?)

A: Deciding to run for ASB President was not something I had seriously thought about until the fall of 2020. It was something people around me had joked around about, but I wasn’t ready to consider that option before because I wanted to focus on the current positions I was holding in ASB. I loved serving in this organization and helping impact change, and I knew that this was a way to continue devoting my time to this University. I also was excited about the prospect of being able to bring more people to the table with me through my campaign and my presidency. 

Q: Describe the moment you found out you had won.

A: I felt the tears well in my eyes once I saw my name on the election results. I had worked so hard to put together a campaign and a vision for a presidency, and people chose to buy into that and vote for me. It was a strange mix of excitement and relief, even with knowing all of the work lying ahead of me. To celebrate, I painted “Morgan Atkins IS ASB President” on my campaign sign with my friends and loved ones cheering around me. 

Q: Did you have any specific reservations or goals in mind before beginning your role? How have they evolved/changed as you’ve progressed in your tenure?

A: I wanted to focus on doing my best to serve students without letting this role consume me. Between meetings, classes, and initiatives, it is really easy to get swept up in all of the duties of this job and lose sight of one of the most important responsibilities, which is being available to students. I have kept this at the top of my priority list throughout my term, and I believe that I have been able to make the President a compassionate advocacy position as well as a leadership role.

Q: How has serving in this role enhanced your Ole Miss experience?

A: This role has given me some truly incredible and unique experiences, namely being an active participant in crafting the future of our campus. The Associated Student Body is evolving, and I have been proud to be a part of these changes. I have also had the honor to serve on numerous university committees, spanning across various categories, and I have been able to make sure that students are the priority of our university, now and in the future.