10 Ways to Remain Healthy This Flu Season

Are you stuck in a dorm room with moldy air filters rather have nowhere to escape when a roommate is sick? Have you ever wondered what the best solutions are when you have the flu? Listed below are ten ways to prevent the flu and to remain healthy throughout the new year. Remember – New Year, Healthy You!

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Having a daily exercise routine.

  • This will reduce stress and accelerate the circulation to fight off bacteria.
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Eat fruits and vegetables.

  • This seems simple but green vegetables have a lot of vitamins that will help your body and support your immune system.
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Take a daily vitamin.

  • Whether it be Vitamin D, Vitamin C or supplemental foods.
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  • This seems like a huge challenge for a college student – although it is proven that 8+ hours of sleep will help fight off a virus.
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Get Vaccinated.

  • The Ole Miss School of Pharmacy offers them yearly. Although the date has passed, local Oxford pharmacies and doctors have them.
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Remain hydrated.

  • Water and Gatorade are your best friends.
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Wash your hands.

  • And, stay at least three feet away from peers coughing or sneezing.
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Clean your surroundings.

  • Wipe down your house, doors, countertops, cars, anything really, with Lysol and Clorox wipes to prevent germs.
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Wear gloves and a mask when helping a friend who has the flu or another type of virus.

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R E L A X.

  • This will keep your stress load down. Stay in on weekends when feeling exhausted.

There are over 200,000 hospitalizations each year from the flu. These strategies are great ways to remain healthy and also encourage your peers around you to stay healthy.

The V.B. Harrison Health Center on our Ole Miss campus is located at 400 Rebel Dr. and is open Mon-Fri. There is an attached pharmacy for student/faculty convenience. The Health Center is here to help all of our students as well as to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Madeline Nash

Madeline Nash is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Dallas, Texas. Madeline enjoys shopping, playing tennis and traveling the world in her spare time. Her travels have taken her everywhere from Greece all the way to Germany. She loves watching the Dallas Cowboys and wine Wednesday’s with friends!