A Day in the Life of Student Employees

The University of Mississippi provides students with many opportunities for employment on campus. While there are different jobs ranging from lifeguarding at the Turner Center, to being a Community Advisor in Residence Halls, sophomore Karlie Flynn discussed her day to day life as a student worker.


Flynn works as a cashier at Raising Canes in the Pavillion. Her typical shifts are from 9am-5pm, two days a week where she works the cash register. Flynn also makes drinks and hands out orders when needed. While choosing where she wanted to work on campus, she decided to apply for this position at Canes because it was very similar to her previous jobs in the fast food industry. Working on campus is appealing to out-of-state students like Flynn because the application process is all online, and you do not need to worry about transportation to and from work.


While balancing school and work can be hard, the dedicated employee says that she enjoys having the extra money to help pay for her sorority dues and other extra expenses. Juggling the responsibilities of being a full-time college student with a part-time job is definitely a challenge, but Flynn was able to provide a little insight into ensuring she allows enough time for everything.


“I have classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, then work Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I have sorority stuff at night so it isn’t any harder than taking another class,” says Flynn.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash


Upon reflection, Karlie believes that her experience as a student employee is definitely worthwhile, however, it is important not to overload yourself. “I jumped into 17 class hours, work two days a week, and joining a sorority in my first semester. I honestly should’ve taken it easier,” she said.


If you are considering applying for a job, on-campus and off-campus positions allow you to balance work and classes, all while making some extra money. For additional information and application instructions, visit https://careers.olemiss.edu/.

Shelby Wood

Shelby is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Houston, Texas. She is always be found by the water either sailing, coaching swim lessons, or lifeguarding. In her spare time, Shelby loves to stay busy by binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and hanging out on the Square Books balcony.