Caffeine Fix

A Closer Look into Oxford’s Coffee Scene

Photo courtesy: Ivonne Perez

Oxford is home to numerous coffee shops, allowing Ole Miss students to pick and choose which atmosphere is right for them. Whether it be grabbing a quick caffeine fix before class, hanging out with friends, or putting in study hours, local coffee shops have something for everyone. 

The environment of a coffee shop is one of the most important factors in drawing in customers. “The interior design and customer service are inarguably the vibe-setters of a coffee shop,” said Sarah Grace Knight, social media manager and barista at High Point Coffee. “At High Point, we like to accommodate as much as possible. Music, of course, always plays a huge role in the atmosphere. I have specific playlists made just to play in High Point.” 

Many students choose High Point as a place to study and hang out with friends because of this cozy and inviting atmosphere. “I love the feeling of High Point. It’s so welcoming and everyone who works there is so cool,” said Leah Blevins, a senior musical theatre major, who enjoys grabbing a caramel cream cold brew with oat milk as a midday pick-me-up.

For those who enjoy hanging out with friends while sipping on their coffee, Uptown Coffee on the Square is a go-to. “I like the atmosphere of the shop being on the Square and that everyone is so friendly,” said Oliver Smith, a sophomore biomedical engineering major. “They have games to play, like checkers and chess, which makes it a fun spot if you go with a friend.” The retro feel and ideal location make it an easy place to meet up with friends and family for an afternoon coffee and snack. With a spacious outdoor patio, Uptown is also a great place to sit outside to work when the weather allows.  

Finding a good study spot around Oxford is a must, and Common Ground Coffee Bar has provided this to many students. Elizabeth Downing, a sophomore Arabic major, frequents Common Ground to finish up homework while enjoying a vanilla cold brew with half-and-half. “Common Ground is different from other coffee shops in Oxford because of the natural lighting in the shop,” said Downing. Large windows coupled with a variety of coffee types make it easy to stay focused and productive at this popular shop. 

While students love a good place to study, coffee shops are also a great place to kick back and relax or enjoy a morning breakfast run with friends. Bottle Tree Bakery is a favorite of Ella McIntosh, a senior accounting major, who likes to go on weekends to catch up with friends. “I get a plain latte or the bowl of soul,” said McIntosh. “I love the mismatched chairs. Something about it makes it feel so comfortable and homey.”

Another popular hangout spot is Lost Dog Coffee, which is at Plein Air in Taylor. Just a short drive outside Oxford, many students make their way to Lost Dog to enjoy a coffee or tea with friends and family. With plenty of outdoor seating and a cozy interior, Abby Peterson, a sophomore accounting major, said, “Lost Dog is the perfect place to work on group projects or just have a fun outing with friends. The people are so friendly and the coffee is delicious.” They also host lots of fun community events, which are announced on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

With the workload that comes with being a college student, coffee is a necessary fuel to success for many. Luckily, Ole Miss is right around the corner from several coffee shops, each providing its own unique feel. No matter the occasion or desire, students in Oxford don’t have to look far to find their own favorite coffee shop.