Oxford Eats: Snack

What comes between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, and probably between dinner and bedtime? Snacks, of course! A granola bar here, a milkshake there… snacks are an essential part of everyday life. As we’ve done with breakfast and lunch, it’s time to name some of the best snacks in Oxford!

Yaya’s Frozen Yogurt

Photo Courtesy: YaYa’s Frozen Yogurt

Without a doubt, this is an Oxford favorite. With tons of toppings and unique yogurt favors, Yaya’s was sure to make the list. You can grab this sweet treat in rain or shine, from its location on the Square.


“One of my favorite places to get a snack is Yaya’s Frozen Yogurt because frozen yogurt can be a healthy snack, so it is a good place for that. And I just really like frozen yogurt.” – Haley Kuhnert


Fresh Fruit

Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

You cannot go wrong when snacking on fruit picked up from the local grocery. These are the types of snacks that remind you of summer days in your hometown and bring a smile to your face. Whether it’s Kroger’s or a farmers market, this snack is sure to have you feeling good and ready to take on whatever the day holds.


“My favorite thing to snack on is cantaloupe! I usually get it at the local grocery store-my go to in Oxford is Kroger. I love it because it’s sweet and makes me feel refreshed. I loved eating cantaloupe at my grandmother’s house growing up, and it always reminds me of her.” – Victoria Smith


South Depot Taco Shop’s Chips and Queso

Photo Courtesy: South Depot

One of my personal favorite snacks is chips and queso. It’s such a quick snack to grab, and it can be very filling. If you’re looking for something salty instead of sweet, this may be the way to go. Just throw in some salsa and you’ll feel like you’re at a fiesta in no time.


“My favorite snack in Oxford is chips and queso from South Depot! Their queso is so good and they have the best-seasoned chips. I always crave it!” – Chloé Dwyer


Anything and Everything Sonic

Photo Courtesy: Sonic

From mozzarella sticks to milkshakes, Sonic seems to have it all. And no part of the day is better for snackin’ than happy hour. Half priced drinks have called our names on more than one occasion. Chain or not, this place had to make the list.


“I love Sonic. You can never go wrong with there mozzarella sticks and, I live for there 50 cent corn dog days.” – Alexandra Benavide

Asia Harden

Editor in Chief