The Study Abroad Experience

As a college student, the overwhelming desire to explore gets the best of us sometimes. As great as Oxford is, we are quite limited in the amount of traveling we get to do in our lovely small town. For many Ole Miss students, wanderlust gets combined with fulfilling course credits through various Study Abroad programs.

If you’ve ever dreamt about traveling to a foreign place, I highly recommend experiencing an abroad program. While there are many ways to go about signing up for a trip, the Ole Miss Study Abroad office provides opportunities to undergrad students who wish to experience the thrill of discovering the unknown. Prospective study abroad students may select their desired location, time length, and course of study to customize their dream experience. Each program varies based on the study abroad company associated with that specific trip.

Alise McCreary, a study abroad alumni, recently traveled to Spain, Scotland, Ireland, and the UK with the School of Journalism and New Media over the summer. “I studied through an amazing program called AIFS who coordinated fun and exciting activities for us, but roaming and traveling on my free time and getting to experience the world for myself was by far the best part,” says McCreary.

Many students who have come back from a study abroad program feel as though they have become a completely different person. Going abroad provides you with the opportunity to be vulnerable. Putting yourself right in the middle of a new environment, you are able to discover the truth about the world around us.

McCreary says that she learned about different cultures and gained so many amazing friendships along the way. Academically, I learned so much on global and international marketing. Getting the chance to travel the world all while knocking out a few course credits is a dream come true. The former study abroad student was able to build relationships with not only her study abroad peers but also her professors who traveled with her. She was able to get to know her teachers on a personal level and gained valuable networking skills that she will be able to later apply in her career.

If you are interested in having a once in a lifetime opportunity by studying abroad, please visit the Study Abroad office in Martindale 318, or visit There is no time to waste, sign up for a life-changing program today!

Shelby Wood

Shelby is a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Houston, Texas. She is always be found by the water either sailing, coaching swim lessons, or lifeguarding. In her spare time, Shelby loves to stay busy by binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and hanging out on the Square Books balcony.