A Day in the Life of an Ole Miss Student During COVID-19, February Edition

Molly Roberts is a sophomore Integrated Marketing and Communication major at the University of Mississippi.

9 a.m. – I like to wake up at this time every morning so that I can have a regular sleep schedule.  I feed my dog Camper and take him outside first thing in the morning. Once he is settled, I then begin getting dressed for my 9:45 appointment at Hotworx. I try to drink a lot of water before I go so that I don’t get dehydrated from the sauna. My favorite classes to attend at Hotworx are their hot barre none, hot blast, hot cycle, hot pilates, and hot yoga.

11 a.m. – I normally get back home from Hotworx at 10:30 to get ready for my French class at 11. I have French everyday since it is a six-hour class credit. I take my shower and then make a vanilla latte before I begin class. I have French everyday since a language is a six hour credit. After I finish French class, I cook myself breakfast. I have two breakfast meals that I switch between. My first breakfast option is avocado toast with a fried egg on top. My other breakfast option is spicy oatmeal. I make oatmeal and put salt, pepper, tabasco, and garlic powder in it. I then top the oatmeal with half of an avocado and a fried egg. Many people find that meal strange because oatmeal is normally made sweet.

Molly’s dog Camper and her avocado toast breakfast

1 p.m. – If it is Tuesday or Thursday I start heading to the rest of my classes on campus until I finish at 3:45 p.m.  On Monday and Wednesday I finish my classes at 2:15. I normally knock out homework, study, or run errands until about 3 p.m. If it is the weekend, I love driving to Memphis with my roommate to get coffee and go thrift shopping.

3 p.m. – During the week after I finish classes, I normally try to take my dog for a walk around Lamar Park or the Recreation Center trails so that he can get out some energy. It has been more difficult to take him on walks this month because of the harsh winter weather and snow. I still take him out around my living complex to play in the snow because he loves it. Around 3 on Wednesdays or Fridays I am usually going to a Square Magazine photoshoot since I am a member of the creative team for the campus magazine. I most recently participated in Square Magazine’s Valentines Day photoshoot.

5 p.m – During the week I use the late afternoon to have time for myself or to hangout with my friends. If I want to treat myself, my friends and I will go get dinner at El Agave. We love to sit and catch up while dining on chips and salsa. Other days we will head over to a friends house to have a “wine night” and dinner. Most nights my roommate and I participate in our newfound tradition. We have started to have “movie night” every night. We both cook dinner and then decide on a movie to watch. At this time during the weekends I am starting my new job as a Hostess at Lost Pizza Company.

9 p.m – By this time I begin winding down for bed. I love taking a bath with a lavender bubble bath to deflate. After I finish my bath or shower I either do a face mask or paint my nails. I love lighting incense or turning on my oil diffuser after I complete my skincare routine for the night. 

Molly’s room where she winds down for bed

10 p.m. – After finishing my night time routine I either turn on one of my Spotify playlists or put on a record and get into bed. One of my goals this year is to not be on my phone before bed and either read or journal but as of right now I still get on my phone before bed. I love scrolling through pinterest to get shoot ideas for Square Magazine or finding inspiration for outfits, hair, or nails. Sometimes I will get on Tik Tok or Youtube if I feel like laughing. I try to get off of my phone by 11 and go to bed.

That is a day in my life! Thanks for tagging along!