Pup of the Month: This Cocker Spaniel is More Fabulous Than You

Ellie is a one-year-old American Cocker Spaniel.  She is co-parented by her mom, Kayla Ladner, a biology major at Ole Miss, and her dad, Blake Newton, a cadet at West Point.  

Her first birthday was on October 25th. A Scorpio, Ellie is full of ambition, passion and composure.  Her passions include three things: food, sleep and Ole Miss Football.  


Because her birthday is so close to Halloween (and her mother’s birthday is actually on the 31st), the spooky holiday is her favorite time of year.  In memory of the beloved spring parties, this year Ellie was a crawfish for Halloween.  She joined many Ole Miss students on the Square to enter costume contests and look for (dog) treats.  

Speaking of treats, Ellie enjoys any food that isn’t hers. However, mom keeps her on a strict diet to ensure her body stays #flawless.  


Ellie typically enjoys her dinner at the dining room table while her mom is doing homework.  She likes to wash her dinner down with a cold ice cube from the freezer.  As it melts and slides across the kitchen floors, it acts not only as a refreshing treat, but also as one of her favorite toys.

After dinner, Ellie lounges on the couch, watching anything on E! Network and waits for one of her roommates to rub her belly while she chews on her squeaky pacifier.  Keeping Up with the Kardashians is her all time favorite show.  She’s still recovering from the shock of the entire Paris break-in ordeal with Kim.  


When a new guest enters her home, she likes to greet them by kissing them and licking any and all lotion off of their legs (her favorite flavor is vanilla).  Ellie then presents her toys in order of her favorites, hoping that someone will play with her.  Thankfully because of her charm and charisma, Ellie normally gets her way and gets showered with attention for the rest of the night.  

For more updates on this adorable, loveable pup, be sure to follow her Instagram:  @ellieofoxford.

Rachel Ishee

Rachel A. Ishee is a Junior Journalism major from Pass Christian, MS. In her spare time she enjoys reading The Bible (aka Cosmo), binge watching Netflix and pretending like she’s going to workout.