Game Day Accessories

Walking around the Grove on game day, there are many things that we see. Elaborately decorated tents, food set up in a number of ways, and people dressed up in their Sunday best are just some of the things that we see.


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Something that you see a lot when spending time in the Grove is sorority stickers. It is a way to represent your sorority and let people know which one you are. Sometimes they will be passed out to anyone that wants to have one and sometimes you will see fraternities guys sporting them.  


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One of my favorite things to have for Game Day is my gameday button. I don’t feel complete without one. They can usually be found in a box in the union, usually over by Which Wich or you can usually grab them at a volleyball or soccer game if they happen to play at home that Friday night. You can also find other types of Gameday buttons online or at certain stores in Oxford, including Rebel Rags and Campus Book Mart.


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This is something that has only been used the last year but will continue to be a big part of game day. You are not allowed to bring a purse into Vaught-Hemingway Stadium so in order to carry your wallet or your keys or your lipstick or you don’t have a pocket for your phone, you need to make sure that a clear bag is a part of your outfit for the day


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I have been to many home football games in the last four years and have spent all of those in the Grove and I can tell you that many, many women wear jewelry and many go all out!! For some people, this is their only time to dress up so they do whatever they can. Most of the jewelry you see is red, white, and blue, or has some sort of Ole Miss Rebel logo on it, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.


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Heels, boots, flats, tennis shoes, loafers, and men’s dress shoes are just some of the types you will find on the feet of people walking through the Grove.


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This last accessory is worn mainly by the little girls that run around the Grove in little cheerleader outfits. Hair bows are a great addition to an outfit, whether it’s a little cheerleader or a baby in a Game Day onesie or outfit, it adds the last touch to cuteness.


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