Pro-tips: Baton Rouge

Here’s a pro-tip about Baton Rouge: Unless college football tugs strongly at your soul, stay out of town on fall Saturdays. It’s hard to beat Oxford on a home weekend, but if Baton Rouge knows how to do anything, it’s how to show SEC faithfuls a good time.  The humidity—and stench of corndogs—will hit like a wall of bricks, but sweet is the reward for those brave enough to venture into the bayou. If you find yourself making the trek into enemy territory, there are a few things worthy of addition to your to-do list.

HIT THE T(igerland)OWN

If for no other reason, make the trek into the heart of Baton Rouge’s social scene for a photo-op with Tigerland’s infamous purple and gold sign. Towering far above the sea of lost freshmen and screaming sorority girls, Tigerland’s golden gates shine like a beacon leading into what will undoubtedly be the most interesting night of the semester for Rebel faithfuls. Once the picture is deemed “insta-worthy,” hit Fred’s for free drinks until 10. And after one too many renditions of “Calling Baton Rouge,” make your way to Bogie’s for $1 and enough Kevin Gates requests to make you indeed tired.


A Baton Rouge institution, Louie’s Café has been serving up late night snacks since 1941. Nestled just beyond LSU’s North Gates, Louie’s loves the late night crowd as much as their breakfast regulars. Finish the night off in true Cajun form with a crawfish po-boy or stop in for one of their famous breakfast plates on your way to the Parade Grounds.


On the way out of the Red Stick, be sure to swing by George’s for an ice-cold Abita and a plate of jalapeño cheese fries. This old-school favorite of students and locals alike is sure to end the victory celebration on a high note. Don’t forget to leave a dollar on the wall (or ceiling) for good luck—and to make sure they never forget the weekend the Rebels came to play.

However you choose to spend your weekend in Louisiana, know there’s certainly enough to keep you entertained. Hotty toddy and beat LSU.



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