People Behind The Scenes: Cassandra Porter

Throughout the campus of The University of Mississippi, there are some outstanding people. Of these people, most of us think instantly of the chancellor, the professors, or even the deans. However, we failed to remember the people who do all the additional hard work behind the scenes to keep us safe, healthy, and most importantly, happy. One of these outstanding people is Cassandra Porter.

Cassandra Porter is a native of Oxford, Mississippi. She is part of the janitorial staff for Burns Hall and does an outstanding job at making sure the living quarters remain clean and healthy. She loves her job and has been working here since November of 2012. In her time of working here, she has found enjoyment of ensuring that all the students have a clean area to work in and live in. When asked what or rather who was her greatest inspiration, she states that it was her mother who worked at The University of Mississippi for forty-two years. Being the last born with eleven others, Cassandra knew and could see the hardships her mother faced to work here. She witnessed her mother walking back and forth to work, whether it be rain, sleet, or snow, her mother always made time to come to work to be able to make a living for her children. Cassandra has used this inspiration to continuously work in an occupation she loves. She lives faithfully by the biblical verse Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” In which reminds her that even when times get hard, the lord is always there to help you. She even states that this verse would be great for students to remember and abide by as it would be great for their aspiration in education, no matter how hard it seems. Cassandra looks forward to next month where she can officially say that she has been part of the Ole Miss family for six years. She is a great woman and should be thanked for her work. So, remember when you all have time and if you live in Burns hall, to thank her for the hard work she does.