Road Rebs Recap

Adventures in Baton Rouge as told by GIFs

When you hit the road

When you get to Jackson and you’re only halfway there

When you finally roll into BR

When you go to Tigerland and you realize you’re surrounded by LSU fans

When you see someone you know

When your Uber home costs $74

When you wake up and it’s Game Day

When you get called “tiger bait”

When you think of a good come back

When you have to take an elevator to your seat

When the concessions people refuse to serve you because you’re wearing red

When we start the game off well

When we start to lose

When it’s the second half

When the game is finally over

When you wake up the next morning and remember the outcome of the game

When you finally get back to Oxford

When you realize that we have one more SEC home game before Thanksgiving

Elizabeth Ervin

Managing Editor

Elizabeth Ervin is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Washington, DC. She is an aspiring golden retriever breeder and chocolate critique. When she's not in Bishop 201, she enjoys people-watching and eating cheese quesadillas.