Our favorite study spaces

Looking for a place to study this week? Here’s a list of our favorite spots on and off campus. Also, be sure to check out our quiz to find out what works best for you! Good luck this week!

The classroom
Hours: 24 hours during finals
From Friday, Dec. 2 until Friday Dec. 9, the university is leaving certain class buildings open for 24 hours a day. The buildings are: Lamar (floors 1-4). Bishop (all floors), Bryant (lobby and floor 2) & Hume (floor 1). Hide away in your favorite classroom building and get in the zone for your finals. You can pick your classroom, meaning you can also pick how close to civilization you are.

Hours: 7am-12am weekdays, 8am-12am weekends
Craving a coffee shop? Cups on Jackson Ave. is open from 7am-12pm, (8am-12pm on weekends). It’s a perfect place to pull up a chair and refuel on food and coffee as you power through your work, but make sure to get there fast! Their tables usually fill up quick!

J.D. Williams
Hours: 24 hours during finals
Do you prefer to take on the on-campus library? J.D. Williams is open 24 hours a day during finals week, plus it’s in the center of campus, just a short walk away from food and exam rooms. Make sure you grabs some friends and share a table, otherwise you might not have a spot when you get back! (Pro tip: the floors get quieter as you go up. The third floor, and the most silent, is the easiest place to find a seat.)

Lafayette County Library
Hours: 10am-8pm Mon.-Th., 10am-5:30pm Fri. & Sat., 2pm-5pm Sun.
Is JD Williams filled up? Check out the local library, located at 401 Bramlett Blvd. Hours are 10am-8pm Mon.-Thurs., 10am-5:30pm Fri. & Sat., and 2pm-5pm on Sunday. It’s the perfect spot to get away from other stressed out students and get some physical, and mental, space.

Triplett Alumni Center
Hours: 8am-7pm
Dying for some peace and quiet? The Alumni Association opens its doors up to students (and future alumni) from 8am-7pm during finals week and give them the large conference room. Bonus: they also have free scantrons, blue books, and popcorn!!

Your Room
Hours: 24 hours all the time
Best part about studying at home? You can take as many breaks as you want, you get to stay comfy in bed, you can avoid other people, you have food readily available. Ok, there are a few too many to mention. Just be careful not to get too comfy and start bingewatching Netflix.

Elizabeth Ervin

Managing Editor

Elizabeth Ervin is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Washington, DC. She is an aspiring golden retriever breeder and chocolate critique. When she's not in Bishop 201, she enjoys people-watching and eating cheese quesadillas.