What Does Your “Ugly” Christmas Sweater Say About You?

It’s that time of year: Christmas party time, and there is a large potential that at least half of those parties will be or have been, you already guessed it, “ugly” Christmas sweater parties. Yes, the only month out of the whole year that wearing your light-up green and red sweater is socially acceptable. With every party comes, the diverse amount of sweaters and everyone tends to stick with a certain “theme” or style for their favorite “ugly” Christmas sweater. Take a look at what your sweater choice says about you.

The Sports Christmas Sweater

Wait, you like sports? A true fan never takes a day off and never passes up a chance to talk to others about last night’s game. As a matter of fact, you only come to these parties for the food, alcohol and the TV, which has conveniently found itself on ESPN 10 minutes after you arrived… Weird.

The Random/Hilarious Ugly Sweater

You are definitely the social butterfly of the group and probably the one who tells the unfortunate dad jokes that no one gets. That’s okay though, cause you are the life of the party and without you, the party may not even be a party. So proudly flaunt your sweater and tell all your jokes, this is your night to shine!

The Movie Quote Sweater

You definitely walked into the party proudly quoting a line from the movie and you are working a line into every conversation you have. And if someone hasn’t seen the movie, they are on the actual naughty list and you will make sure to tell everyone. Enjoy the 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon because next month, everyone will just be annoyed with you, if they aren’t by the end of the party.

The “Cute” Ugly Sweater

We all have that one friend who has to look cute for all the “instagrammable” pics to post later. They wouldn’t dare step out in public in that gaudy, light-up, tassel filled sweater let alone ever put such a photo on social media. It’s okay, we still love you because you will just be deemed the official photo taker for the night. Gotta make sure everyone has this night documented.

The Inappropriate Ugly Sweater

You have written your ticket to the naughty list with the sweater you so boldly are wearing in public. It might be funny at first, then people just feel uncomfortable around you by the end of the night. You also may secretly be the friend that does not enjoy Christmas and is sick of the Christmas music by December 2nd. Sorry bud, gotta 4 more weeks, at least. Hope you enjoy your coal!

The Actual Ugly Christmas Sweater

Well, chances are you are the real-life Buddy The Elf. As soon as Halloween is over, you are all out, ready for Christmas with your holiday music, Starbucks holiday drinks, and decorations. This “ugly Christmas sweater” thing is not a game to you, it is your way of life and reason for living after October. You are a joyful person all around during the month of December because, umm hello.. SANTA’S COMING!!!

Alexis Lee

Online Editor

Alexis Lee is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Normal, Illinois. When she is not doing school work or online things, she enjoys traveling, writing, painting and spending time with her friends, family, and animals.