Code Pink: Ssion in Oxford

Oxford celebrates LGBT Pride Month with code pink events

Code Pink is a lively celebration of the LGBT community and its heterosexual allies in the surrounding areas. The student-run dance night offered the Oxford queer community a safe space to express themselves and let loose Thursday night at The Lyric.

The South has a reputation for aggression towards the LGBT community, so the Sarah Isom Center and UM Pride Network created these events to provide a place for students to let loose without consequence.

These nights are usually hosted at Proud Larry’s but this time around required the much bigger Lyric to host its multitalented guest performer, Ssion.

“Ssion is just so talented,” said Spencer Pleasants, UM Pride Network President and event MC.

“He’s worked with people like Madonna & Charli XCX. We were so honored that he came to play at Code Pink and we wanted to show him the best of Oxford,” he added.

Ssion is the New York City-based singer/DJ/producer. He has had hits spanning over the last decade including “Earthquake” & “Luvvbazaar.” He began his set by inviting the entire audience on stage with him.

The moshpit-esque scene was one straight from a 70s concert photograph. You know, the ones you wish you attended because of the retro outfits and faces of pure ecstasy in the crowd.

Yeah, that’s the one.

“I was so confused at first because I’ve never seen that happen before, but his energy carried over onto the crowd and we all just started dancing right next to him,” said senior Rachel Vanderford.

This type of mystic energy isn’t uncommon at these Code Pink events. The attendees are used to being packed onto the dance floor like sardines at Proud Larry’s, so the added space provided by the change of venue was a welcomed change.

But wait.

There’s more.

Three other acts performed that night.

DJ Skin opened up the night with club bangers like a down and dirty remix of Rihanna’s “Kiss it Better.”

Ole Miss students Blake Summers & Drew Wheeler then performed an artistic nod to the infamous queer dating app, Grindr.

The two were followed by the dance group, Hip Hop Rebs, who delivered a stunningly choreographed number featuring some bumps and grinds with a death drop or two.

“The dancing before Ssion really blew me away. Their energy really got me ready for the main event,” said UM Pride Network Vice-President Avery Gault.

October 1 meant the start of National LGBTQ+ Pride Month and that pride is being felt as far south as our very own Oxford, Mississippi. Many events, including Thursday night’s festivities, are taking place over the next few weeks.

That includes another Code Pink scheduled for October 31 at 9 p.m. at Proud Larry’s. There will be fresh dance beats, a costume contest, and maybe even a drag queen or two…or three.

Be there or beware.

A list of even more events can be found here on the Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement’s website.

Daniel Dubuisson

Daniel Dubuisson is a junior journalism major and Public Policy minor from Pass Christian, Mississippi. He struggles to find the balance between his hectic life as a student and his obsession with glitter, fried chicken and Britney Spears.